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Fortnite x TMNT Battlepass Quests Incoming? – Fortnite News

Fortnite and TMNT collaboration took place early this season with the introduction of the turtle skin line. This is one among the many partnerships Fortnite has brought onto the battle royale island. The very popular Dragon Ball Z collaboration had taken the whole anime Fortnite community by storm. Even now, you can spot Goku and other versions of his skins sweating it out on the island.


The TMNT skin launch occurred a while back, and there’s been no news of what other TMNT content is coming. Well, finally, Fortnite has posted a date! On the 9th of February, we expect a solid content update featuring battle pass unlockables related to TMNT. Let’s look more into details with the information we have so far.

New Quests Available

An extra battle pass page is expected to arrive with the content drop. As of now, a small set of challenges relating to TMNT are available to players. The challenges include:

  • Talk to April
  • Hide in sewer entrances
  • Find empty pizza boxes

Each of these challenges rewards players with 10,000 XP. These challenges are pretty straightforward, with 40k XP up for grabs. No rewards in the form of cosmetics have been added to the game yet. You can expect all such rewards to be showcased on the 9th of February.

For those who need help finding the empty box challenges, head on over to the underground HQ. Located right between fencing fields and Pleasant Piazza, you can locate the underground HQ. All three pizza boxes can be found in this location. Use the video below as a reference to find the exact locations.

Pizzas were in-game at one point in time in the form of healable items. It’s going to be interesting if they plan to bring any changes to the item. Also, there have been leaks confirming that additional styles for the already existing TMNT skin in the item shop are incoming. Additional quests have also been confirmed for these unlockable styles. For now, it’s all about the 9th of February.


Is Fortnite LEGO dead?

Fortnite got a sudden boost in concurrent users when Fortnite LEGO launched. Ever since the initial hype, users have found the game stale with nothing much to do. No solid content drop has been introduced to the game since launch. The item shop seems to be flooded with LEGO skins, and people seem to be frustrated with it.

Just like the game itself, I’m guessing Epic did not anticipate users to grind in the LEGO survival mode this fast. There are a ton of new items, including better modes of transport like cars, that could be included in the game, but Epic seems to be holding out for some reason.

For now, all we can do is wait for the content drop and expect some updates for LEGO as well. The game is still super fun to play, but the lack of mobility creeps up on you. Hopefully, Epic will hear us out and introduce more dynamic items to the island or maybe even introduce more rifts all over the map.


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