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Midas Takes Over In The Latest Fortnite Season 2 Update

Season 2 has started strong with the introduction of Greek Mythology themes POIs. Medallions have more meaning now rather than just giving 50 shield. The wings of Icarus bring new modes of fast rotations and high ground retakes. Though these new mythic wings looked broken, Epic added a bigger hitbox for players to shoot them down, making the item pretty balanced overall. The new update rolled out early this week has added a new POI, a new NPC, and other new weapons to Fortnite Season 2.

Midas is Back In His Gold Yacht

The highly awaited Midas comeback has finally arrived in the update. Players can now find Midas in the new gold-themed Yacht POI. This new location was added in the recent update and comes in hot with plenty of looting options. The Midas Service Station, which can be found in the Yacht, allows for weapons to be upgraded to Gold level. This feature is one of the biggest attractions for players to visit the Yacht. It does cost a whopping 500 gold bars to upgrade any gun to gold. Hence, players using this station would need to frag out hard and make up for the spent coins.


Since we’re on the topic of gold, the yacht would be the most ideal place to visit. Collect as much gold as you can since the yacht is now Midas themed; players can find gold bars all over the yacht. Collecting gold bars all over the yacht will allow players to easily upgrade to gold guns. New vending machines can be found all over the map, which allow players to buy Legendary level guns. To completely make use of what’s in this season, it could be wise for players to spend a few matches in public lobbies just to collect as much gold as possible. After maxing out on the gold collected, players can then go into ranked matches, upgrade their inventory to gold, and play out the whole match to its fullest potential.

Zeus Mythic Nerfed, New LTM and other Changes in Fortnite Season 2


Among the many needed changes to Fortnite Season 2, developers were quick to nerf the Zeus mythic lightning. Shockingly, this item was able to damage walls and players boxed up. The developers have nerfed this item, reducing the damage it does to structures. They have also added a new LTM, Floor is Lava, to the game, allowing players to unlock multiple rewards by completing challenges in the LTM. For those who are new to the game, this marks the return of an LTM that the developers launched in Chapter 1 back in the OG map.  For some reason, this LTM isn’t picking up as much momentum as everyone thought it would.

The first collab of this season is set to launch in the next week. Korra’s skin will unlock next week, indicating the start of Fortnite Season 2’s “The Last Airbender” collaboration. Leakers have confirmed that there will be 5 new bosses along with four new mythic weapons. One boss among the four will drop a random mythic weapon from the available 4 choices. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of weapons the new ones will be and the impact they will have on the island.


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