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The Deagle Is Back – Fortnite Update Patch Notes Breakdown

Finally, Fortnite Season 2’s mid-season update has brought in weapons players have been long craving for. The deagle makes a return to the game along with new items, bosses, and mythic weapons. Also, Collab leaks have also popped up, from Avatar to Nike Collaborations, players can expect a ton of new skins in the coming weeks. There’s a lot more to breakdown in this new update, read along to keep up with this huge update.

More Gold Bars In The New Fortnite Update?

Players may have noticed the addition of gold eggs that drop around 300 bars of gold. The spawn rates of these eggs have increased, allowing for players to max out in just a few matches. While there seems to be plenty of gold available to players, the prices of the new items to be bought from NPCs have increased drastically. The new mythic drum gun can be bought from Midas, and it costs a whopping 600 bars. Epic has somehow managed to bring a better economy system to Fortnite, and this update has increased the relevance of gold bars in the game.

The Deagle is back!

After years, The deagle has finally made a comeback. Unlike what it was in the previous seasons, the new version of this weapon seems to have been the biggest addition in this new Fortnite Update. Now, players can add attachments to the new Deagle and professional players have deemed the gun overpowered. From drum magazine attachments, the deagle can be customized to make it a semi-sniper with a way quicker fire rate. While the sniper spawn rate has been reduced significantly, players have to still be aware of the potential new threat from long-ranged enemies. For players who haven’t tested this gun out yet, only the skin remains similar to the mechanics of the older deagle. The overall mechanics of the gun have improved drastically.

Did Gold Midas Break The Game?

The final form of Midas has finally been uncovered at the Yacht POI. The completely gold Midas now drops a mythic drum gun. Previously, players had access only to blue and purple rare variants of the gun. With the legendary version of the gun, enemies take more damage and the overall time to kill an enemy has dropped significantly. Players have to make sure that they have enough and more gold stocked up as this weapon costs a whopping 600 gold bars.

New/Old Collabs Spotted In The New Fortnite Update

Water-bending Kora is set to make her way into the game soon with her own mythic items. A new version of Midas is now available to unlock along with Kratos making a return to the item shop. New Nike outfits are now available in the item shop as a part of the Air Max Collab. Finally, strong rumours of a new in-game mode collaboration with the developers of “The Binding of Isaac” have surfaced. We’ll have to wait on Epic for updates on whether this rumour is true. An exclusive set of indie game mode might be what’s coming next to Fortnite.


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