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Sentinels vs. Gen.G: Masters Madrid Grand Finals Recap

Two teams entered the Grand Finals of Masters Madrid. Sentinels, a North American powerhouse, sought glory once againGen.G, a Pacific league juggernaut, aimed to shine. Both teams were itching for a rematch. 

Everything was on the line. They had to win or go home in second place.

The Road to the Finals

Sentinels and Gen.G dominated their respective regions. They secured flawless 2-0 records in the Group Stage. Sentinels defeated Team Heretics and Karmine Corp. 

Meanwhile, Gen.G triumphed over LOUD and EDward Gaming. In the Playoffs, Gen.G swept Paper Rex 2-0. Sentinels fought LOUD for a 2-1 win.

Throughout bracket finals, Gen.G dominated, thrashing Sentinels 2-1. Sentinels then beat Paper Rex 3-1 in the lower bracket finals to earn a rematch with Gen.G.

The Grand Finals Begin

The first map, Breeze, saw Gen.G dominate the first half 7-5. They continued their momentum in the second half, winning 13-8. 

On Bind, both teams traded rounds evenly, ending regulation at 12-12. The match went into overtime, where Sentinels claimed victory 14-12.

Ascent remained even in the first half at 6-6. However, Gen.G accelerated in the second half, winning 13-8. 

Sentinels gained the upper hand on Split, leading 8-4 in the first half. Gen.G caught up, but Sentinels prevailed 13-10.

The Decisive Fifth Map

The pivotal fifth map, Icebox, saw Sentinels surge ahead early, securing a 7-5 lead in the first half. 

Despite a slower second half, they steadily expanded their advantage, ultimately winning 13-6 and claiming the Masters Madrid championship.

A Historic Victory

Sentinels’ victory marked several historic achievements. They secured their first international title in three years, becoming the only team to win two Masters events. 

Additionally, TenZ became the sole player to accomplish this feat. Sacy is now the only player to have won both Masters and Champions titles. Furthermore, Gen.G was the first Korean team to reach the Grand Finals of a Valorant international event.

The match views broke all prior viewership records and became the most-viewed Valorant series ever with over 1.6 million peak viewers.

A Battle for the Ages

The Grand Finals showdown between Sentinels and Gen.G epitomized a legendary clash for the ages. Both teams exchanged victories and defeats across five intense maps. The Koreans won Breeze and Ascent, while the Americans claimed Bind and Split.

After over three hours and forty minutes of play, the match came down to Icebox. Despite being favored on this map, Gen.G faltered as Sentinels gained momentum from their Split victory. 

Sentinels displayed excellent command of Icebox, securing a 13-6 win and lifting the trophy.

Standout Performances

Zekken, the new star duelist for Sentinels, put on a monstrous performance. Over five hours of play, he racked up 101 eliminations, including 27 First Kills. His quadrakills on Split were particularly noteworthy.

TenZ’s return to form was also significant, as he added a new international title to his list of honors after 1029 days. 

The changes made before the season paid off, and Sentinels is well on its way to restoring its reputation.

A New Era Begins

Sentinels’ triumph at Masters Madrid marks the beginning of a new era for Valorant esportsThis returning powerhouse team has captivated audiences around the globe and smashed viewership records. 

As the 2024 season continues, fans are able to count on more historic moments and intense matches from these elite teams.

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