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The Entire Story of Baldur’s Gate 3 in a Nutshell

From the eternal battle between gods to the existential threat of mind-controlling eldritch horrors, Baldur’s Gate 3 promises an action-packed saga. 

Go through this summary to understand how one of probably the most anticipated RPGs of recent years is coming together.

The Tadpole Infection and the Absolute

Baldur’s Gate 3 opens with the player character and companions infected with illithid tadpoles aboard a mind flayer nautiloid ship. 

These tadpoles eventually transform their hosts into mind flayers, spurring an urgent quest to find a cure. 

However, others across the Sword Coast have already fallen victim to a sinister cult worshipping a new deity – the Absolute.

The Cult’s Insidious Agenda

This cult, comprising a traitorous group of goblins and kidnapped innocents, has been spiriting people away to Moonrise Towers to infect them with the same parasitic tadpoles. 

The transformed become mindlessly loyal “True Souls,” mentally linked to the Absolute’s thrall.

Infiltrating the Moonrise Towers

Seeking answers, the player travels to the foreboding Moonrise Towers. 

There, a shocking revelation awaits – the Absolute is actually a powerful Elder Brain capable of mass mind control across vast distances.

The Dead Three Unveiled

But the real masterminds are the Dead Three – the evil gods Bhaal, Bane, and Myrkul. 

Through their champions wielding special controlling stones, they command the Elder Brain‘s army to conquer Baldur’s Gate and beyond.

A War Across Planes

In Act 3, the player must stop the Dead Three’s remaining Chosen across their own personal quest lines, halting the invasion of Baldur’s Gate. 

Multiple endings await based on pivotal choices about the fates of the Elder Brain, cultists, mind flayers and interlopers like Raphael or the Githyanki.

Ties to a Classic Saga

While a spiritual successor, Baldur’s Gate 3 is steeped in lore from the iconic original games. Its story stems from the Forgotten Realms’ Time of Troubles when gods like Bhaal walked as mortals. 

Bhaal foresaw his demise and sired the Bhaalspawn, like the protagonist, to orchestrate his return.

In the original Baldur’s Gate, the protagonist was revealed as a Bhaalspawn whose defeated sibling Sarevok schemed to rule. Baldur’s Gate 2 saw their souls stolen by Irenicus before a hellish showdown. 

Finally, in the Throne of Bhaal expansion, the protagonist battled other Bhaalspawn like Amelyssan to decide if a new God of Murder would reign.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a scary and exciting fantasy game. It’s like a scary movie mixed with a classic adventure. Even if you’ve never played Baldur’s Gate before, this game is huge and important. 

Your choices will change the story in unbelievable ways, and it all affects the gods themselves! Get ready for an epic journey where every decision matters!

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