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Gone Fishin’ Content Update Finally Arrives in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite had almost a million users online throughout the month after its launch. Ever since then, the game mode has become stale because of the lack of updates. Finally, Epic rolled out the “Gone Fishin'” update, and new items have been added to the game. Let’s look into more about what this update is about.

Previous leaks are still pending.

Previous leaks showcased renders of items that were supposed to be added to the game soon. None of these leaks has shown up in this update. Epic was tight-lipped about this update, and no real hints were dropped with regards to this “Fishing” update. Previous leaks showcased new galaxy themed biomes and enemies. Since none of these items were added to the update, I’m guessing they’ve saved them for a future update. As of now, the focus is on water gameplay and items surrounding fishing.

Before going any further, I’m going to answer the question in everyone’s mind. Nope, there are no updates with regards to faster transportation. Instead, the developers have focused on bringing different other elements into the game.


Fishing rod, floppers, spyglass, and compass have been added to the game.

Fishing rods can now be crafted and used to catch 15 new varieties of fishes, aka floppers. Each flopper, when consumed, gives a different type of benefits from health to thermal vision. A more detailed breakdown of each fish can be found here. The types of fishes you catch are determined based on the weather and biome. These fishes will be useful while engaging in battles that require a lot of health. With the right charms equipped, you could take down the meanest of bosses with these fishes in your inventory.

A food processor has been added to the game as well. Make use of this new machinery to turn fishes into fillets. Players can also grill the fish and make a Shieldfish Sushi or Smoked Fish fry. The food processor can also craft a bait bucket, which helps catch fish more easily. Depending on the rarity of the bait bucket, players can expect a similarly rare fish.

A new spyglass is now available that allows players to zoom into distant views. This is useful while wandering untouched territory. You’ll get a sneak peek of what you’re bound to run into with the spyglass. With regards to navigation, a new item, “compass,” now shows players where they are headed. Both the spyglass and compass can be crafted via the crafting bench. The compass now allows players to keep track of where they’re going. Combine this with the spyglass, and you can travel long distances without constantly getting lost. In this update, you can see that the inventory items are slowly evolving. Also, the developers are introducing items in an order similar to real-world evolution. From transport to exploration, the developers look like they are starting the Lego world with the very basic items and slowly modernizing it season by season.

The whole community expected more in terms of exploration gadgets. Hopefully, they’ll introduce new forms of travel and vehicles soon. For now, we’ll have to make use of the spyglass and compass as new exploration tools.


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