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Lego Fortnite is Now Enjoyable Once Again – Patch Notes Update

Finally, Epic has dropped back-to-back content update patches for Lego Fortnite. Though there has been much movement with regards to the number of users online, the game is expected to peak once again with the incoming updates. When this exclusive game mode was launched, more than a million players were online, growing in the game 24/7. But due to a lack of updates, the game’s momentum later slowed down, and players were barely online. Now, challenges are back, new items have been introduced, and a new biome has been added to Fortnite Lego. Let’s further break it down and see what’s available to play in Lego mode right now.

Vehicles have been added to Lego Fortnite!

Finally, after a ton of community outcry, Epic has introduced vehicles into Lego Fortnite. Players now have access to three vehicles: the offroader, speeder, and overhauler. This addition is probably the biggest addition to the game by far. Players had trouble covering the whole map because of its gigantic size and mobility limitations. With the news of the vehicles, though everything looks bright and shiny, there is a ton of work required to build and get them running.

To keep up with the ever-evolving eco-friendly lifestyle, Epic has ensured not to use fossil fuels in the game. Instead, players can make power cells, which can later be used in vehicles and other energy-driven items. Every power cell has a specific charge and covers distance depending on which vehicle it’s used in. Certain vehicles like the hauler allow for carrying almost anything that’s portable irrespective of size and weight. Haulers also have the ability to carry more power cells, enabling them to cover more distance with more weight on them. These three vehicles alone have brought back a lot of fun to the game, and hopefully Epic develops on this with future updates.

Shore biome: The Biggest Addition of the 29.10 Update.

There were always strong leaks regarding new biomes coming into Lego Fortnite. While everyone expected the introduction of the Galaxy Biome, Epic went ahead and introduced a shore biome as a surprise. Iron bars are one among the many new items introduced in this new shore. Players can access iron bars by breaking chests, which is easier compared to previous tedious methods. Copper bars can also be found plentifully within the shore biome. While exploring this biome, you might encounter new secret fishing docks. Fishing docks are another new addition to the game where players can find copper bars plentifully by opening the blue bins found in these docks.

Another glitch that works within the game right now is the AFK glitch. Players can still keep bouncing on launchpads forever to keep gaining XP. This glitch allows players to quickly unlock levels in the current Fortnite Battle Pass. The tactical glitch against brutes is still active. Players can position themselves way above the brute for it not to notice, even while being hit with arrows. This glitch literally allows players to defeat brutes without breaking a sweat. This brute glitch has been in the game for a long time now and probably might be left as is, the way things are going.



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