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Dragon Ball Watch Order Canon: Your Ultimate Series Guide

Venturing into the Dragon Ball universe initiates a journey through a rich tapestry of animated storytelling. Launched in 1986, the series introduces audiences to the character Goku and his early expeditions, laying the groundwork for a sprawling narrative that continues to unfold and captivate fans. Dragon Ball paves the way for subsequent series that expand on the original adventures, such as Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Navigating the array of series, films, and special features within the Dragon Ball franchise requires an understanding of the established timeline. This ensures a coherent experience that aligns with the show’s canon, guiding both aficionados and newcomers alike through the extensive catalogue with a sense of direction.

Chronological Viewing Sequence for Dragon Ball’s Authentic Storyline

When seeking the authentic storyline of Dragon Ball, it is crucial to stick to the content that adheres to the original narrative. Below is a structured guide for experiencing Dragon Ball in continuity with the canonical events:

  • Dragon Ball: The saga begins here with 153 tales of Goku’s earlier adventures, spanned from February 26, 1986, to April 19, 1989.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Progressing with 291 chapters of intense battles and character growth, airing from April 26, 1989, to January 31, 1996.
  • Dragon Ball Super: The journey continues with 131 episodes of evolved challenges, available from July 5, 2015, to March 25, 2018.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly: A cinematic chapter, released on December 14, 2018.
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: The latest film addition to the saga as of June 11, 2022.

Viewers should recognize the existence of the “Battle of the Gods” and “Resurrection F” films. These serve as canon but are interwoven with the “Dragon Ball Super” anime, offering additional depth without altering the central plot.

While the specified order offers a direct approach to Dragon Ball’s canon, speculative conversations on the canonicity of particular materials are common within the fan community. However, with the recent passing of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball’s creator, definitive guidance on canon from official sources may now be more challenging to obtain.

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