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Star Wars Takes Over Lego Fortnite With An In-Game Live Event!

Lego Fortnite has just received its first real collaboration ever since the launch of this new game mode. Players who haven’t logged in after the update are greeted with a Star Wars live event upon logging in. Now, there are awesome new ways to play this mode along with a storyline backing it up to keep everyone constantly engaged. For the first few months, Lego had remained stale with no solid updates. However, since the start of April, Epic has been working hard to ensure that this game mode is as exciting as it was at launch. Keep reading to find out the latest updates regarding Star Wars and Lego Fortnite.

Is This Lego’s First Live Event?

Many have accused Epic of completely dropping live events since it’s been a long time since they’ve hosted one. After months of waiting, it seems like Epic was focusing on Lego Fortnite and the in-game world within it. Every player was caught off guard when they logged in and experienced a completely new live event that was Lego-themed. Upon Launch, Players are greeted by a rift from which a Star Destroyer emerges and dramatically crashes into the island. After finding the Star Destroyer battleship, players are given the option to join the rebellion after interacting with Captain Bravara. Upon accepting the challenge, macro binoculars are provided. These new macro binoculars are new items that have been added exclusively for this update. With these binoculars, players can spot a cave that’s located near the rebel outpost.

Exploring this new cave is what the new update is all about. Players are given a series of challenges to complete in order to obtain valuable in-game items. Apart from this, players unlock their battle pass levels faster by participating in and completing the Star Wars-related quests.

Star Wars Themed LEGO Outpost and Caves are taking over.

Once joining Team Bravara, players get access to build a completely new rebel outpost. This rebel outpost has six tiers to it and based on these tiers, crafting benches are made available. Similar to the previous seasons, upgrading the outposts allows for crafting limited-time weapons like the Lightsaber. The lightsaber is critical for this update and is one of the first items players get access to. After upgrading the weapons, players are expected to completely clear these caves by defeating all enemies within the cave.

Unlike the initial launch of Lego Fortnite, now there is a storyline. Challenges related to this new storyline will pop up in the coming updates. While Epic Games hasn’t confirmed the duration of the Star Wars update in Lego Fortnite, players might unlock very rare items. These items might even be one-time unlockables that may never return to the island again. Hence, getting access to the lightsaber and all the new items might come in handy for later seasons.For now, make sure to grind the update to unlock multiple new Star Wars-related items. Also, playing Lego Fortnite and completing the new available challenges helps level up the Battlepass way faster than the typical Fortnite grind.

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