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What’s going on with FaZe Clan?

FaZe seems to be making a comeback this past week, but it isn’t the way everyone expected it to be. FaZe Clan has been in a tough spot for the past few years. With the org being listed on NASDAQ and later removed for not meeting minimum valuation, the original members have decided to reboot the whole project. For those who don’t know, FaZe was being run by corporates over the past few years, and the initial owners basically had no say in how the company would function. 

The owners, Banks, Adept, and many others, were sidelined, and other investors were running the show. Fast forward to now, the company went broke, and the original FaZe owners seem to have gotten full access to the org again.

What does this mean for the existing FaZe content creators?

FaZe, known for recruiting internet personalities and trickshot professionals, had a ton of creators who were signed with the org for years. FaZe has decided to commence plans with 14 creators while removing the remaining from the content roster. Fortnite legends like Natehill, Sway, H1ghsky, and Cizzorz have been removed from FaZe. Fortnite content did help out FaZe during 2018-2020, but now the company looks to be heading in a different direction.

None of the now ex-FaZe members have announced any alternate signings. All of them seem to have been caught off guard. FaZe Banks summed it up by stating that he’s okay with being the “bad” guy. FaZe had fallen off hard, with the company’s investors backing off completely and putting FaZe in financial hell. The company was delisted from the stock exchange because it wasn’t able to maintain the minimum “$1” stock value. Now, it looks like the suits are no longer running the company, and FaZe is set for a complete reboot.

What’s next for FaZe Clan?

While there is no concrete update on what FaZe Clan plans to do, Banks has hinted at adding more content creators. Banks also went on to state that all of his shares of the company were stolen from him unknowingly, and now he’s back in control. His plans for the company are to rebuild the brand with the 14 content creators he mentioned in his tweets. Apart from that, four new content creators are set to join the mix. Apart from the gaming personalities, FaZe looks like they are set to invest in lifestyle bloggers.

Earlier, FaZe hired the best streamers from almost every trending game, and now they seem to be avoiding those steps. Instead, FaZe has decided to select one major streamer from every major game and recruit more IRL bloggers. With Kick factoring in as one of the biggest platforms for streaming, it does look like FaZe is set to feature more content that relates to Kick. FaZe’s success on platforms like Twitch and YouTube catered to the previous success. Now, the company might be looking forward to creating the same impact on Kick and building on it accordingly. Keep following FaZe Banks on Twitter to make sure you get updates directly from the main man himself. He seems to be posting frequently and addressing all major FaZe-related concerns via Twitter.


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