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Every Error In Overwatch 2 And How To Solve Them

Overwatch 2 has been a total blast since it launched, allowing players to relive classic hero-shooter action. But as with any big online contest it hasn’t been easy. Some have been experiencing error codes seemingly randomly appearing left and right, depriving many of the fun out of the game. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with this How to Fix Every Overwatch 2 Error guide imaginable.

The Usual Suspects

Before diving into specific error codes themselves, let’s dive into some basic troubleshooting tips that often fix a number of Overwatch 2 problems:

    • Use the official Overwatch 2 Twitter account, Reddit, or websites like Downdetector to see whether the game’s servers are down or if there are any other issues.
    • Restart the game after entirely closing it. That’s all it takes sometimes!
    • Restart everything on your system: the PC, the console, and any other gaming devices.
    • To do a power cycle on your internet router, unplug it, wait for a minute, and then re-plug it.
    • Verify that your Battle.net account is linked and configured correctly.

If those quick fixes aren’t enough, check out the exact problem codes you’re seeing.

The Error Code Rundown

    • BC-101 – This connection timeout on PlayStation and Xbox can usually be fixed by resetting your internet router or manually setting your connection.
    • BC-124 – Unable to log into Overwatch 2 on Xbox? Check for system updates, reset your router, and try unlinking/relinking your Xbox profile.
    • BC-153 – Can’t log into the game at all? Check Downdetector for server issues, restart everything, try changing your DNS servers, and look for Overwatch updates.
    • BN-564 – If you get a “game in maintenance” message on PlayStation, unlink and relink your PSN account.
    • HF-5 – Can’t download an update? Delete Overwatch’s game files and do a full repair through the Battle.net launcher.
    • LC-201/202/208 – Having general connectivity issues on the console? Unlink and relink accounts, check servers, restart launchers/update game.
    • LS-403 – This one sucks – it means your account is banned or suspended. Submit a ticket to Blizzard to appeal it.
    • Rendering Device Lost – PC performance crashes? Check cooling, repair game files, and reset overclock settings if applicable.
    • WS-37505-0 –  You can often solve another PlayStation connection error by checking that router ports are forwarded properly.
    • 0xE0010160 – Graphic driver issues on PC. Update drivers, and edit Overwatch config files to run in windowed mode.

Those cover the biggest, most common errors, but there are still a couple of miscellaneous annoying ones:

    • Unable to Change Profile Icon – Disable a random background “Antimalware” process in Task Manager.
    • 6-04 Error Unable to Save Highlights – Edit Overwatch’s config files to create a proper highlight save path.

Hopefully going through this checklist of errors and fixes allows you to resolve any issues you’ve been having. If not, hang tight – Blizzard eventually solves pretty much every Overwatch 2 error through game updates.

Overwatch 2 Errors Are Widespread But Fixable

While error codes have been extremely frustrating for Overwatch 2 players, it’s all part of the experience with a huge new multiplayer launch. Since launch Blizzard has continued to patch and refine the game. You should be able to solve the most common errors either with standard troubleshooting or specific procedures with this guide. If it’s a major server-side issue, hang tight and keep checking for updates. Before you know it, you’ll be back to playing Overwatch 2 error-free!

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