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Overwatch 2 Director’s Take HIGHLIGHTS

All you Overwatch 2 fans rejoice! Overwatch 2 highlights are here. Blizzard is working hard to implement exciting additions and tweaks based on player feedback. In a director’s update this week, Aaron Keller revealed a roadmap of new features for Overwatch 2.

Everything from a reworked competitive system to small adjustments to basic gameplay mechanics along with a brand new hero—there is a great deal to digest here. Let’s dive into it and see Overwatch 2 highlights.

Major Competitive System Reorganization – Season 9

Overwatch 2 keeps improving! A director’s update revealed a competitive system rework in Season 9, addressing player concerns about slow updates, unclear changes, and broad skill tiers. You’ll see faster rank updates, detailed explanations, and a new “Champion” tier above Grandmaster. Additionally, core gameplay is getting revamped based on community feedback. Expect more consistent shooting, less burst damage/healing, and buffs for damage heroes to help secure kills!

Forward to Season 10: Open Grouping & Experimental “Quick Play: Hacked” Mode

That is not all though! Season 10 will also remove restrictions on grouping up in any game mode, meaning you can group up with friends whenever you want. The developers are also testing a new “Quick Play:” mode. “Hacked” to test out radical changes. This mode may include a faster payload bot, movement speed boosts, and potentially shorter match lengths.

Venture: New Hero Makes a Statement

Speaking of new content, new hero Venture has been proving to be a hit with players who love his bubbly personality, which was voiced by Valeria Rodriguez. This past weekend Venture shot to fame as the top-picked hero in Quick Play!

Hero Balance Changes Coming in Season 10

Venture has been well received, but developers are already considering tweaks for Season 10 based on player feedback. This includes converting some of Venture’s burst damage to damage over time on abilities such as Drill Dash and Clobber. They’re also reducing the knockback from Tectonic Shock.

Season 10 also has some other hero balance changes planned. Tanks (Junker Queen, Reinhardt, Wrecking Ball) will also get buffs while Sombra and Tracer from the damage category get slight nerfs. There will be some power adjustments for supports such as Moira, Lucio, Illari and Lifeweaver. Notably, Illari will have a slower primary fire recovery but buffed healing output, and Lifeweaver will get light buffs.

New Heroes No Longer Locked Behind Battle Pass

The biggest quality-of-life boost is that new heroes will no longer be enslaved behind the Battle Pass paywall. This update is in line with the developers ‘intention to have Overwatch 2 feel safer and more accessible for everyone.

Overwatch 2: A New Era

The Overwatch 2 team clearly intends to continue to refine the game through community feedback. With everything from a reworked competitive system and gameplay tweaks to modes to test concepts along with a new hero to look forward to, there is plenty for players to savor.

With each update and addition coming, Blizzard appears determined to make Overwatch 2 the very best it can be for now and down the road. It is still to be seen what other remarkable updates they release and release next, though the future is looking bright for Overwatch 2. It is refreshing to see a developer being open about revealing info and reacting to player feedback. If you’re an Overwatch fan, prepare for Season 10 to arrive on 16 April!


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