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Cowboy Bebop is Here – Overwatch 2 Exciting Second Anime Collaboration

Cowboy Bebop Overwatch 2

Bounty hunters of the future, get ready for the collaboration of a lifetime! Overwatch 2 has officially blasted off into a space western showdown on March 12th, with a new event that pays homage to the legendary crew of the Cowboy Bebop.

Without further ado, let’s get to business and see what’s cooking behind the scenes in the Overwatch 2 update.

Cowboy Bebop – Let’s Roll!

If the One Punch Man collab is anything to go by, it seems our beloved Overwatch heroes might have a soft spot for classic anime – but let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Art director Dion Rogers revealed they’re not just fighters; they’re fans too.

When talking to Xbox Wire last year, he said: “Our heroes are basically aware of the anime and are fans too.” I guess we have something in common with the Overwatch characters.

It seems that the lines between Overwatch missions and epic sci-fi adventures are blurring, and we’re absolutely here for it.

You will, without a doubt, enjoy the iconic tunes of Cowboy Bebop while you snag some stellar new looks. Four legendary skins will be waiting for you in the shop, ready to give you the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Exclusive Cosmetics and More

But that’s not all – if you work on skills and complete in-game challenges, you will have a chance to unlock a special, exclusive skin. Of course, this will require some work, but we believe that it’s more than worth it.

Here’s what’s on the table:

  • Spike Spiegel Cassidy
  • Faye Valentine Ashe
  • Jet Black Mauga
  • Ed Sombra
  • Ein Wrecking Ball (unlockable for free)

Fan theories started swirling like stardust after the Season 9 trailer teased the Bebop crossover. Everyone was quick to make their own guesses and wagers about who was going to be the one wearing the new skins, and while there were some pretty good guesses out there, we personally believe that Venture, the new hero, would be the best fit.

He does give off some serious ED vibes, especially with his spiky hair.

Cowboy Bebop – Getting on the Battlefield

While Blizzard is keeping those legendary skins under wraps for now, they’ve dropped some tantalizing artwork to fuel the hype, and we can’t lie – it’s working. Ashe channeling her inner femme fatale with Faye’s iconic purple hair and sleek outfit? We’re all in.

Let’s just hope Sombra, with her mischievous grin, rocks Ed’s wild locks in-game!  


Also, according to Blizzard’s intel, get ready for a haul of awesome new emotes, highlight intros, and even more surprises. Just like the One Punch Man event, expect to grind those matches if you want to snag that Ein Wrecking Ball skin and other collectibles.

So, make sure you’re ready for this – the Overwatch 2 menu is about to transform into a retro-futuristic masterpiece worthy of the Bebop itself. Remember Saitama Doomfist gracing our screens with those hilariously simple workouts during the One Punch Man event?  

With its iconic visuals and legendary soundtrack (let’s just pretend that live-action adaptation never existed), expect a menu that’ll transport you straight into Spike Spiegel’s world.

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