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Is Sanji Going To Be The Star Of One Piece Egghead Island Arc?

One Piece has been nothing short of epic in its Egghead Island Arc, packed with high-octane battles, amazing storytelling, and shocking revelations. As the series enters its Final Saga, fans are eagerly anticipating the Straw Hat Pirates’ pivotal roles, and Sanji is certainly adding to the buzz.

Impressive Performances So Far From Sanji

Right from the time the Straw Hats arrived on Egghead, Sanji has been front and center. He was a big help in hearing about Vegapunk, the island’s enigmatic scientist. When trouble started, Sanji stepped up and fought great opponents such as the Seraphim S-Shark.

Although the full fight between Sanji and S-Shark wasn’t revealed, he certainly had the edge and showed off his skill. Also, Sanji’s quick thinking prevented Kaku, a CP0 member, from injuring himself further.

Fabriophase Mission

In this chapter, Sanji has been sent on an important mission—to take Dr. Vegapunk and Atlas to the Fabriophase. This assignment holds great promise for Sanji’s growth as a character and the Arc of the Egghead Island Arc.

A curious part of this mission is the relationship between Sanji’s lineage and Vegapunk’s scientific knowledge. Sanji’s father, Judge, was a former Vegapunk associate, and Sanji has shown some specialized skills, being compared to the Seraphims. This opens up a door for Vegapunk to explore more of the origin of Sanji’s powers, including his heat resistance and techniques such as Diable Jambe and Ifrit Jambe.

Potential Major Fights

With Sanji heading to the Fabriophase, there could be some high-stakes battles to come. First, he may have to team up with Bonney to dispatch the Vice Admirals of the Navy, showing his combat ability.

In addition, Sanji may meet with Saturn, one of the Five Elders and a formidable foe. If Luffy turns his attention to Saturn, it could allow Sanji to face Admiral Kizaru, making for an exciting duel between two speedy kick-fighters in different styles of fighting.

The Ultimate Egghead Fight: Sanji vs. Kizaru

Many fans speculate Sanji will battle Admiral Kizaru in the Egghead Island Arc. This potential matchup is compelling due to their similar kick-based, high-speed fighting styles.

To see Sanji use his own techniques, including his Diable Jambe and Ifrit Jambe, against Kizaru’s light-based arsenal would be a definite highlight of the arc. It would challenge Sanji’s combat abilities and also serve to develop his character.

Sanji’s Role in the Final Saga

As the Final Saga of One Piece continues, Sanji becomes increasingly important to the Straw Hat crew. His choices on Egghead Island could have far-reaching consequences, potentially revealing his family history, giving him new abilities, and cementing him as one of the series ‘most likable and lovable characters.

Whether he stars in main events or is a supporting character, Sanji’s role in the Egghead Island Arc is clearly going to be a big step in his career, and fans can’t wait for the reveal and fights to come.

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