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Palworld: Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS

With the rise of Palworld and the controversies that come with it, we also have to acknowledge the hype it has created. With the rise in popularity comes the increase of the player base and you might have started playing it. Because of the numerous gaming mechanics, it might come off as overwhelming which is why we’ve created an EASY guide of the Palworld Tips and Tricks for Newbies.

Build The Palbox

Starting this list of Palworld Tips and Tricks is to prioritize building the Palbox. The Palbox might look like it’s very hard to acquire but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to create. In addition, the Palbox is important because it lets you store Pals. Most importantly, it also lets you rest the knocked-out Pals so that they can fight for you once again. It also becomes even more useful once you add the Paldeck because it lets you create large buildings and more. However, perhaps the best thing it could let you do is the next tip.

Give Your Pals Jobs

Yes, you can give your Pals jobs! When people first saw it there was a lot of controversy regarding the mechanic but it proved to be really fun. You can make your pals find rocks, and pick up wood, and other resources. Pals could also help you build structures and grow berries. However, only certain pals could do specific jobs so you need to take that into consideration. I mean, who doesn’t love free labor?

Build Your Base on Open Spaces

The next one you need to take into consideration is that when building your base, you need to take a look if the location you’re choosing is ideal for expansion. This means that you need to select wide open spaces that don’t have a lot of complex terrain. They might look pretty visually but it will definitely pose a challenge in the future. This is especially true when you want to build a bigger base and make your very own Pal factory.

Don’t Waste Technology Points

When you first play Palworld, you’ll encounter something called Technology Points. Every time you level up, you will receive Technology Points and you can spend these to unlock building blueprints. It’s important to note that you can’t just spend these points on anything that looks nice. We suggest you use it to build ingredient mills, farms, and protective structures so that you will have a self-sufficient and safe base.

Get Pal Spheres and Arrows using Vixy

When you’ve used your Technology Points properly and have assigned Pals to jobs, there’s one that will surprise you. This pal is named Vixy and it does a very special job. Vixy can dig Arrows and Pal Spheres for you which are very useful items when you’re a starting player. You can use Pal Spheres to catch more Pals while Arrows are long-range ammunition.

Get a Flying Pal Mount

Another thing you should prioritize is to get a flying Pal mount. Flying mounts not only make traveling faster but you could also easily clear obstacles by just flying above them. You first need to create saddles that you can attach to certain Pals. What’s important to know is that it will still use the player’s stamina so you should invest some stat points to stamina as well.

Strategize Assigning Points

Lastly, and perhaps the most important part is to strategize in assigning your stat points. As mentioned before, if you want to travel more and fully utilize mounts, you need to upgrade your Stamina. If you want to carry more items, you upgrade the Weight stat. The rest follows this same pattern so make sure to know your priorities and game style.

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