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Tekken 8: Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS

Tekken 8 brings the hard-hitting 3D fighting franchise to new heights with overhauled graphics, new mechanics like the Heat system, additional characters, and more depth than ever. But for beginners, the sheer breadth of moves, combos, techniques, and strategies in Tekken 8 can feel overwhelming. This guide collects pro tips to help new players start their journey in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Find A Character That Clicks

With a roster of over 30 wildly different fighters, the first step is finding one whose playstyle truly resonates with you. Whether agile kickboxers like Hwoarang, lucha libre stars like King or bears like Kuma, explore the cast in Training or Super Ghost Battle to discover your ideal fighter. No need to chase the meta — just enjoy yourself.

Master Bread and Butter Combos 

Before tackling extensive, complex combos, take time perfecting easy “bread and butter” combos you can execute confidently anytime. Reina’s simple Triangle punch string is a prime example. These reliable combo foundation stones will serve you well as you layer on more advanced chains.

Use Training Tools

Enable frame data displays and input displays in the Tekken 8 Training mode to better grasp combos. The former shows attack startup speeds and recovery frames, while input shows your controller inputs. Sample combos and challenges also help ingrain key chains into memory through repeated practice.  

Launchers Are Vital

Launchers juggle opponents into the air temporarily to enable Tekken 8’s most damaging combos. Devote real time into nailing launchers for max combos, but also learn launchers other characters use to defend against them.

Check Entire Movelists 

Peruse your full movelist under All Techniques, not just Main Techniques. Main summarizes key abilities, but you’ll find additional attacks and combos hidden in All Techniques to really customize your strategy.

Specialize Punishes Via Training

The robust Punishment Training teaches you the ideal punishes versus other characters. First it displays the attack to punish then awaits your input. Normal difficulty provides the punish, Hard makes you deduce the attacks. Master punishing and defenders will rue opening themselves up.

Use Special Style Thoughtfully 

Special Style maps complex commands to button holds underscoring accessibility. But don’t become over reliant on pre-determined inputs as it breeds predictability. Mix up Special Style moves with manual inputs from traditional control scheme for unpredictability.

Meter Management Matters

Tekken 8’s Heat system grants a power-up once per round with enhanced strengths. Activating Heat Engager deals chip damage but nets bigger combos via more meter. But Heat Smash deals huge damage upfront. Evaluate scenarios to determine when to use these heat attacks to turn the tide.

Create Space With Power Crush  

Power Crush attacks absorb enemy attacks with temporary “super armor” to safely retaliate. Use Power Crush when pressured to create space, recover health from damage absorbed, and go on the offensive. But beware low attacks during crushes. 

Review Your Matches

Download Ghost Replays of your matches to review victories and losses alike. Seeing mistakes made or tendencies that skilled opponents exploit facilitates rapid improvement by identifying and eliminating such issues from your personal play.

With dedicated training to understand Tekken 8 fundamentals, lessons tailored to your chosen main through movelists, punishes and match footage, and intelligent heat management, new fighters can quickly grasp the basics to compete online. Then over time, continue building on these foundations to stand among the Tekken elite.

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