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Hold your horses! The TOTS promo is finally coming to EA FC 24

EA FC 24, despite the scepticism, had the best launch among all the FIFA titles to date. EA claims that the revenue it raised from October 2023 to the year-end was its best in history. Unfortunately, the hype has pretty much settled down. The game has been struggling content-wise, and many content creators have labeled the promo packs “mid” so far. Well, everything’s about to change drastically in the coming week. The launch of the Team of the Season (TOTS) promo is what might get players back online again.

EA FC 24 Team of The Season Promo Incoming (TOTS)

As all major European leagues are coming to their season ending, every league is set to announce their respective TOTS. So far, there were a limited number of players in the promo packs, and the ones with really high ratings were priced astronomically. TOTS is where EA FC 24 will feature the top players of every league and give them all a massive boost in their stats. After this promo is when all the major EA FC tournaments will ideally come to an end.

As of now, the TOTS warm-up promo is live. Players have access to a series of challenges to access rewards relating to the Team of the Season. These challenges are crucial as they reward packs that may come in clutch once the TOTS promo is live.

During the warm-up promo, watch out for SBC challenges and make sure to complete them. Ideally, these challenges require a set of specific players to score/assist in a set number of matches. Focus on finishing these challenges even if the players aren’t as exciting. Irrespective of whether the players rewarded enter the starting lineup, they can still be used as fodder for other high-end SBC challenges later.

Do not waste coins spending points on promo packs yet!

While grinding out the game in the coming weeks, players will be rewarded with player packs. Make sure to save all such player packs for once the main TOTS promo drops. The more packs players open during the TOTS promo, the better their chances are to unpack a TOTS player. Buying Messi off the market may not be a wise option because of his cost. Instead, wait for SBCs that feature tradable players, and maybe a high-value player will pop up from one of those tradable packs.

Also, make sure to stay away from those high-value SBCs that cost millions of coins. Right now, it isn’t worth the time and coins as better players are set to arrive in the coming weeks. Expect top players and icons to enter the SBC list, and make sure to focus on unlocking players that are 93+ rated.  Last year, FIFA 23 featured the likes of a 95-rated Sergio Busquets for a really cheap value. Expect more of the same this year as well. The season is about to come to an end, and pushing for a 95+ rated team is what the game is all about at the moment.


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