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Ximming Ban Wave: Developers’ Strategy to Tackle Cheating in Console Gaming

Ximming has caused some major disruption in the console gaming space, and by the looks of it, developers seem to have a tough time combating it. If you’ve been playing multiplayer titles like Rainbow Siege with a controller, there’s a strong possibility that you may have run into a Xim user. Though technically, Ximming is not labeled as a “hack,” many consider it to still be cheating, while others counter, saying that they should be able to compete in any game with the input of their choice. Let’s delve more into this and how developers are planning to combat Ximming.

What is Ximming?

Ximming is referred to as using a device named “Xim,” which is a dongle allowing us to use a mouse and keyboard as input instead of a controller. This gives players an upper hand in aiming by allowing them to perform flick shots almost instantly, unlike traditional controller aiming.

Apart from that, the console treats the mouse and keyboard as a controller, allowing it to use the extra aim assist feature, usually given only to controller inputs. All in all, better aim with aim assist advantages. Many players often argue that they shouldn’t be forced to play on a controller and should be given the option of using any input they want. There are tons of games that already allow multiple forms of input, from mouse and keyboard to even touch screen inputs. Fortnite would be one such example, allowing multiple inputs while trying to keep it fair for all parties involved. Keyboard users are given way less aim assist than controller players, and that’s how they manage to keep the competitive integrity intact.

Which games have been impacted so far?

Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch are some of the most noted titles that have been hit with a major Ximming issue. It’s not like players are being discreet about it. You will run into lobbies where players are spinning around, flicking on players’ heads, and eliminating them, all while abusing the controller aim assist feature on the mouse-keyboard input.

How do developers plan to counter these issues?

To be honest, it did take some time and a ton of videos for developers to acknowledge the widespread use of Xim in their games. Now that they have, players are set to face major penalties, which may include a permanent ban on their accounts for Ximming. Major tournament organizers have asked players to showcase a handcam while participating in major tournaments.

Developers have already managed to introduce a “mouse trap” system that detects the usage of a mouse in a controller lobby and penalizes players instantly. We are yet to see a major ban wave for Ximming, but by the way things are going, it’s most likely to happen soon.

Many console players gave up the multiplayer grind primarily because they found the game unplayable against mouse and keyboard players. A ton of reputed controller players left the multiplayer scene because of Xim devices. Developers have an uphill task of bringing them back but have promised to address and remove Xim devices from the controller ecosystem as soon as possible.


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