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How To Play Tekken 8 Eddy Gordo: PRO Guide

Capoeira master Eddy Gordo is back and better than ever in Tekken 8. Eddy is a force to be reckoned with with his flashy moves and distinctive fighting style. Regardless if you are an old Tekken fan or a relative newcomer to the series, this guide will supply you with the data and strategies necessary to unleash Eddy to his maximum.

Who is Eddy Gordo?

Before we get into playing Eddy in more detail, however, let’s first introduce our hero. Eddy Gordo is a familiar face from the Tekken franchise, best known for his Capoeira fighting style with dance-like stances and acrobatics.

The life story of Eddy is tragic despite his seemingly whimsical fighting style. Eddy spent eight years in prison after seeing his father murdered by the Brazilian drug cartels and learned Capoeira. It’s been an eventful journey, but in Tekken 8, Eddy has to reflect and prepare himself to unleash his potential.

Understanding Eddy’s Moveset and Stances

Eddy has a combination of kicks, punches, and stances that are unmatched on the roster. Here are his key moves and stances:

Important Moves:

    • Mirage (d/f 3): A mid-attack and tornado attack combo starter.
    • Vassoura (u 1+2): A high attack that can initiate combos.
    • Folha Ataque (fF 4): A mid-attack and tornado attack.
    • Knee Thruster > Relâmpago (b 3, 3): A mid-attack launcher.
    • Lunging Brush Fire (b 3+4): A high attack with a power crush that absorbs incoming mid and high attacks.


    • Bananeira (f 1+2): Eddy enters a handstand stance, opening up new attack options.
    • Negativa (d 3+4): Eddy enters a low stance, giving access to different moves and combos.
    • Mandinga (Build Stacks): Eddy can build stacks (indicated by the yellow and green swirl under his health bar) to unlock additional moves and properties in Bananeira stance.

Combo Mastery

A key attribute of Eddy is his ability to dish up some devastating combos. Some combos you should learn:

Standard Combos:

      • d/f 3 > 4, 4 > 1, 3 > 3+4 > ff > d/b 3, 3
      • u 1+2 > b 3, 3 > 2 > b 1 > 1, 4 > d d/f f 3 > d/b 4, 4
      • fF 4 > 3, 3 > b 1 > 1, 4 > d d/f f 3 > ff (Sidestep Left) > u/f 4 > 3, 3

Counter Hit Combos:

      • d/b 2, 3 > ff > 3, 3 > 2, 3
      • b 3, 3 (Counter Hit) > 2 > d/f 1, 3 > u/f 3+4 (Wall Splat) > b 2, 3, 3

Wall Carry Combos:

      • d/f 3 > 3, 3 > 3, 3, 3 > 2, 4 > b 2 (Wall Splat), 3, 3
      • b 3, 3 (Counter Hit) > 2 > d/f 1, 3 > u/f 3+4 (Wall Splat) > b 2, 3, 3

Rage Art Combo:

      • d/f 3 > b 3, 3 > 2 > b 1 > 1, 3 > d d/f f 3 > u/f 4 > d/f 1+2

Tips and Tricks

    • Utilize Eddy’s Mandinga stacks to unlock additional moves and properties in Bananeira stance.
    • Learn to seamlessly transition between Negativa and Bananeira stances for effective mix-ups.
    • Abuse Eddy’s low attacks, as many opponents struggle to consistently block lows.
    • Pressure relentlessly after landing a Heat Rush, as Eddy remains safe to continue attacking.

Eddy’s Rage Art: Enchente de Axe

Eddy’s Rage Art, “Enchente de Axe,” is a spectacle to behold. When activated, Eddy transports his opponent to a mystical realm, where he performs a traditional Capoeira dance accompanied by ancestral spirits. The Rage Art concludes with a devastating upward dropkick, leaving opponents in awe.

Remember, Rage Arts can only be used once per match when your health bar turns red (25% health or lower). They also remove any recoverable health from your opponent, making it a powerful finisher to fully capitalize on your combos.

To really nail Eddy Gordo’s playstyle in Tekken 8 you need time, practice, and a solid understanding of his mechanics. But it’s well worth the effort as Eddy’s flashy moves and shattered combos will leave your opponents baffled and confused.

Whether you are a long-time Tekken fan or a relative newbie to the series, Eddy Gordo presents a new and difficult test. Take pride in your Capoeira heritage, perfect your stances, and unleash a torrent of kicks and punches that will have your opponents spinning in circles!

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