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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tips and Tricks for BEGINNERS

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a party game full of your fave Nintendo characters brawling it out! 

Regardless if you are a recognized fighter or an entire amateur, this guide can prepare you to rule the competition.

Master the Basics

Controls: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a rather intuitive control scheme. Move your character using the control stick and jump using the A button. 

Attacks are done through the B button, and also you can protect yourself from attacks through the R button. 

More advanced moves include grabbing (holding the Z button) and throwing (moving the control stick in any direction after pressing B).

Movement: Don’t skimp on mastering movement! Dodging attacks and positioning yourself are the keys to success. Take time to get used to moving about the stage and jumping from various heights.

Your First Matches: There’s also a helpful “Smash Training” mode that teaches you the ropes and some mechanics. This is an excellent way to get your feet wet prior to tackling online matches.

Picking Your Character

There are lots of fighters to pick from in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (with various moves and playstyles to boot). 

Don’t be overwhelmed! Just pick who you are comfortable with. Some easy characters for beginners to consider:

Mario: The classic red plumber is a versatile all-around character with a fairly simple moveset.

Link: Another solid option is this Legend of Zelda classic hero. His sword attacks have good reach and power.

Pikachu: This electric Pokemon is a fast and agile fighter with simple moves.

Combat Tips

Don’t just mash buttons! You could probably whine on the attack button all day, but this actually weakens your attacks. Study the different moves your character has and plan your moves accordingly.

Shielding is your best friend! The shield is a defensive device that can deflect nearly all attacks. But do not overuse it as taking too much damage can break your shield.

Items can change the tide of battle! Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has loads of items that allow you a temporary advantage in the stages. Discover what each item does and how you can use them.

Practice Makes Perfect

How to become much better at Super Smash Bros? That’s easy. The Ultimate is to simply play it as much as possible. 

Play with friends, challenge the CPUs, and don’t be discouraged if you lose online matches. Time and practice will have you crushing the competition in no time.

  • Great game! It's so easy to pick up, you don't have to be a master in gaming to play it.
  • It's not exactly for everyone.
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