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BEGINNER’S GUIDE for Genshin Impact Chronicled Wish

Who wouldn’t love a guaranteed 5-star character or weapon in Genshin Impact? Lost in the gacha and overwhelmed by the Chronicled Wish banner? No worries, Traveler! We got you covered.

What is the Chronicled Wish?

Unlike the standard banner (uses Acquaint Fates) and featured character banner (uses Intertwined Fates) with random pulls, the Chronicled Wish lets you choose a specific 5-star character or weapon from a limited pool available during the banner period. You’ll still use Intertwined Fates to make wishes on the Chronicled Wish banner.

Here’s the key mechanic:

  1. Choose Your Path: Select a featured 5-star character or weapon you want to target.
  2. 50/50 Chance: When you get a 5-star pull, there’s a 50% chance it will be the item you chose.
  3. Fate Points: If you lose the 50/50 and don’t get your chosen item, you’ll receive a “Fate Point.”
  4. Guaranteed Choice: With a Fate Point, your next 5-star pull on the same Chronicled Wish banner is guaranteed to be the character or weapon you originally selected.

Pros of the Chronicled Wish for Beginners

  • Target Specific Characters: This is especially useful if you missed a limited character you really wanted in the past, or if you’re aiming for a specific standard character (like Jean or Diluc) that’s harder to obtain through regular wishes.
  • Guaranteed 5-Star: If you save up enough wishes (around 160), you can eventually guarantee the character or weapon you desire, which can be reassuring for beginners.
  • Lower Weapon Pity: Compared to the standard weapon banner with a much higher pity (around 210 wishes), the Chronicled Wish offers a lower pity (guaranteed 5-star weapon after 90 wishes) for the specific weapon you choose.

Cons of the Chronicled Wish to Consider

  • Limited Pool: You can’t target the newest characters on the Chronicled Wish banner. This might not be ideal if you’re set on getting the latest addition to the game.
  • Fate Points Don’t Carry Over: This is a crucial point for beginners – your Fate Point disappears if the Chronicled Wish banner ends or if you choose a different character/weapon within the same banner.
  • More Unwanted Weapons: There’s a higher chance of getting weapons you don’t currently need along the way, which might not be helpful for building your team.
  • Less Frequent 5-Star Weapons: Compared to the standard weapon banner, you might get fewer total 5-star weapons overall while aiming for a specific one on the Chronicled Wish.

Is the Chronicled Wish Right for You?

This banner is a good fit for beginners who:

  • Want a specific standard character or an older limited character they missed.
  • Are patient and willing to save up enough wishes to guarantee the character or weapon (around 160 wishes).
  • Don’t mind potentially getting some unwanted weapons along the way.

Remember: The Chronicled Wish is a new system with its own advantages and drawbacks. Consider your goals and resource limitations before investing your Primogems. Don’t hesitate to consult online communities or veteran players for further guidance.

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