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ALL Genshin Impact Sango Pear Locations and Farm Guide

Sango Pearls are a new local specialty material added to the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. They have a pale pink, glowing appearance and can be found growing on clam shells near rivers and waterfalls around Watatsumi Island and Enkanomiya. You’ll need to stock up on a bunch of these things to ascend characters like Kokomi and Gorou to their maximum levels.

The good news is that there are reliable farming routes to quickly gather up a ton of Sango Pearls. The bad news is they have the standard local specialty respawn time of 2 days, so you’ll still need to be patient while they regenerate. With a few tricks like checking other players’ worlds though, you can accelerate the process.

Use Character Passives to Mark Them on the Map

The first tip is to take advantage of any characters you have with passive talents that can mark local specialties on your mini-map, making them much easier to track down. Gorou’s “Seeker of Shinies” is perfect for highlighting any nearby Sango Pearl locations as you explore.

If you don’t have any of those characters yet, no big deal. Just refer to an online interactive map or image guide and manually mark any Sango Pearl spawn points you come across with your own custom pins. 

Get Free Sango Pearls from an NPC

Before you start properly farming, don’t forget to first talk to the NPC Shrine Maiden Mochizuki at the Sangonomiya Shrine. She’ll hook you up with 4 free Sango Pearls just for saying hi! Every little bit counts.

Watatsumi Island Sango Pearl Farming Route

Most of the Sango Pearl spawns are congregated around Watatsumi Island. This is where you’ll want to spend most of your farming time. Teleport to the Sangonomiya Shrine waypoint to start.

    1. From the shrine, follow the path east along the river to find 6 pearls near the first waterfall.
    2. Continue south to find another 5 pearls, then 1 more just before those.
    3. Head up to the shrine waypoint and glide down south to grab 2 more by the water. 
    4. Now glide east off the nearby cliff to collect 5 more pearls below.
    5. Warp to the eastern island waypoint and follow the rivers northwest, grabbing all the pearls you see along the way (around 14 total).
    6. Open the nearby cave gate (requires a world quest) to find 6 more pearls inside.
    7. Lastly, teleport to the Palace in a Pool domain and climb through the window to grab 5 more inside.

That’s 44 pearls from a pretty straightforward route on Watatsumi alone. Since you need 168 total to ascend a character to level 90, you’ll have to repeat this loop around 4 times, waiting for the 2-day respawns.

Enkanomiya Sango Pearls (and How to Unlock It)

There are also about 10 more Sango Pearls to grab in the underground area of Enkanomiya. To access it, you first need to complete The Moon-Bathed Deep questline up to the “From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyaku” quest. Then you can warp down and check around the rivers near Serpent’s Bowels for the spawns.

Buy From NPCs to Supplement Farming

Need more Sango Pearls faster? You can purchase them from two NPCs too:

    •  Yamashiro Kenta in Ritou sells 5 pearls for 1,000 mora (after an Archon quest)
    •  Babak in Port Ormos sells the same 5 for 1,000 mora bundle

Buying from these shops can help cut down on some of the refarming you need to do. And of course, joining other players’ worlds is another great way to loot their Sango Pearl spawns when yours are still on cooldown.

That covers all the key locations and tips for farming up as many Sango Pearls as you need in Genshin Impact! Just put on a podcast and grind out those routes every couple of days and you’ll have your Inazuma crew ascended to max level in no time.

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