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GUIDE | Common mistakes that newcomers make in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of the popular PC game, has taken the gaming community by storm. With its immersive gameplay, strategic battles, and diverse roster of champions, it’s no wonder a wave of newbies are eager to join the fray. However, diving headfirst into the Savage Rift without a game plan can lead to unfortunate defeats. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when starting your journey in this high-stakes mobile MOBA.

Attacking enemies with less health: A common mistake

It’s easy to target enemies with dwindling health bars in the heat of battle. However, this can lead to a fatal mistake. Skilled players often provoke their opponents into overextending themselves by intentionally reducing their health. Instead of falling into this trap, focus on positioning and map awareness. Remember, a low-health enemy is not always an easy kill.

The Subito’s Mistake: Why Patience is Key

In the Savage Rift, subito or neutral monsters provide significant advantages when killed. However, attacking them without proper preparation or team support can lead to disaster. Understanding the proper timing and team coordination needed to secure these targets is crucial. Charging without a plan can cause the enemy team to steal the subito, gain an advantage, and potentially wipe out your team.

Ignoring Small Targets: The Underestimated Mistake

In the chaos of team fights, it’s easy to overlook smaller objectives, such as minions and minor monsters. However, these small targets provide gold, experience, and lane control. Neglecting them can significantly disadvantage you regarding resources and map pressure. Always prioritize farming and controlling minion waves to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Predictable barrier placement: The tactical mistake

The strategic use of barriers can turn the tide of battle in the Savage Rift. However, experienced players can take advantage of predictable barrier placement. Instead of placing barriers in the same places, mix up your tactics. Use barriers to zone enemies, protect key areas, or even as a surprise attack. Remember, unpredictability can be a powerful weapon in the Savage Rift.

Neglecting Champion Roles: The Strategic Mistake

Each champion in the Savage Rift has a unique role and skill set designed to contribute to the team in different ways. Ignoring these roles can result in unbalanced team compositions and ineffective strategies. Take the time to understand each champion’s role and how they can synergize with the team. Whether you are the frontline tanky, the damage-dealing carrier, or the support healer, fulfilling your role can significantly increase your chances of victory.

In conclusion, while League of Legends: Wild Rift offers an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience, newcomers should be wary of these common mistakes. By focusing on strategic play, team coordination, and understanding each champion’s role, you can avoid these pitfalls and pave your way to victory. Remember, every mistake is a lesson learned. So grab your device, summon your champion, and conquer the Savage Rift!

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