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Sony Brings Next-Gen Gaming to India with PS5 Launch

Sony has at last revealed the launch of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) Slim in India after much anticipation. The thinner next-gen console, which launched in the US in November last year, will launch in Indian markets on April 5th, 2024. Both digital versions and the disc of the PS5 Slim will also be on sale.

Design Upgrades: Compact yet Powerful

The PS5 Slim is a very slick-looking device. It retains the iconic PlayStation 5 aesthetics but in a smaller package. Sony has reduced the console’s volume by over 30% and its weight by up to 24% compared to the original PS5.

Moreover, the PS5 Slim features subtle yet noticeable enhancements. For instance, instead of two panels, it now features four cover panels (two on each side) with integrated slits, ensuring improved airflow. Additionally, the top portion sports a glossy finish, contrasting with the matte bottom section.

Storage and Connectivity Enhancements

The biggest upgrade is the added storage space. The PS5 Slim also includes 1TB of built-in storage – a substantial upgrade from the initial 825GB. Moreover, gamers can upgrade the storage with compatible external SSDs to produce a bigger game library.

Connectivity has also been streamlined, with the PS5 Slim featuring two USB Type-C ports on the front panel. This change caters to modern accessories and enables fast charging capabilities.

Modular Design: Removable Disc Drive

A standout feature of the PS5 Slim is its modular design, specifically the removable disc drive. This component is housed within a side bulge, enabling potential upgrades or replacements in the future. Consequently, Sony is offering a disc-less PS5 Digital Edition for those who prefer digital downloads exclusively.

Pricing and Availability in India

PS5 Slim

The PS5 Slim is now obtainable in India to experience the next-generation gaming power. It is going to sell for Rs 54,990 for disc and Rs 44,990 for digital. Both variants will go on sale from April 5, 2024, through online and offline retailers.

Retailers such as Sony’s ShopatSC website, Amazon, Flipkart, Games The Shop, and other participating stores have confirmed stock availability for the PS5 Slim.

Accessories and Considerations

To accommodate different setup preferences, Sony will include a horizontal stand with the PS5 Slim. However, if gamers prefer a vertical orientation, they will need to purchase a separate vertical stand, as it is not included in the box.

Additionally, Sony has implemented a requirement for an active internet connection to initially set up the disc drive (even for the disc version) and properly unpair it during factory resets.

The Future: PS5 Pro on the Horizon

While the PS5 Slim might be an improved gaming experience overall, Sony has already been looking forward to the next iteration. The company is reportedly working on the PS5 Pro, which ought to launch later this year or even early 2025.

Analysts are predicting the PS5 Pro will have a faster GPU – possibly three times as powerful as the current standard PS5. This particular performance boost is rumored to come alongside brand new games including Rockstar Games ‘Grand Theft Auto 6.

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