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The PS5 Pro LEAKS: Everything We Know So Far


The news of Sony rumored to bring a redesigned version of the PlayStation Five – unofficially called the PS5 Pro – to the gaming community is swirling. 

The company has stayed silent about the subject though a series of leaks and rumors have crafted a picture of a far more powerful console.

Although those are simply rumors at this time, let’s get into what has come out up to now.

Timeline for Launch

Industry sources point out the PS5 Pro may be launched in the 2nd half of 2024 – timed to make the most of the holiday shopping season. 

This particular launch window would adhere to Sony’s strategy with the PS4 Pro, which came 3 years after the base model PS4.

Price Uncertainty

PS5 Slim

Pricing for the PS5 Pro remains elusive.

While some leak a price similar to the PS5 Slim – implying relatively minor design tweaks – others speculate the upgraded parts will command a premium price tag.

Boost Performance

PS5 Pro 8k

Here’s where the rumor mill really gets gamers excited. 

A big jump in processing power, which could see the PS5 Pro processing 8K resolution gaming – something future-proof for those with ultra-high resolution displays, leaked sources suggest. 

It also promises gamers faster, smoother gameplay and enhanced ray tracing – the technology that produces the most realistic lighting effects in games – like never before.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Some of the more audacious rumors mention the PS5 Pro incorporating a dedicated AI chip for graphics and performance boosts. 

This could potentially lead to more intelligent enemy AI in games or even AI-driven upscaling that improves the resolution of older titles. 

Furthermore, the console will likely utilize the latest AMD technology for its GPU and CPU to guarantee the best attainable processing power.

Concerns and Caution

PS5 and its digital edition

While the prospect of a more powerful PS5 certainly sounds enticing, some gamers have expressed skepticism over an early release. 

They worry that the PS5 Pro may arrive before the base PS5’s full potential has been explored. 

However, mid-generation upgrades are commonplace in the console world, and the PS5 Pro could deliver a significant performance boost for those seeking cutting-edge technology.

Remember, these are still just rumors at this point, and Sony has not confirmed that a PS5 Pro will be coming. 

But the huge volume of talk surrounding it makes it a fascinating development to look forward to. 

So don’t fret, PlayStation fans – the future of more immersive and powerful gaming experiences could be on the horizon.

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