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Starfield and More Xbox Exclusives Coming to PlayStation Soon?

Huge rumors have just emerged from the Microsoft camp. We may now see a plethora of Xbox titles available on the PlayStation Store. Cross-platform games are the only way Xbox and PlayStation users could play together. With the new rules coming in, we might see almost all Xbox games being cross-platform. Let’s discuss more about these and their impact on the upcoming games.


Will Starfield enter the PlayStation Store first?

Multiple publications have reported that Starfield will be available on the PlayStation 5. PlayStation hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors yet, but neither have they denied them. Starfield from Bethesda Studios was initially intended to be an Xbox exclusive. Microsoft even bought Bethesda Studios, and surely the plan was to focus on Xbox exclusives. The current environment has changed, and Microsoft seems to have opted for a change in direction.

Why is Microsoft allowing this?

The decision to feature Xbox exclusives in the PlayStation Store has shocked many. The reason for compromising exclusivity is simple: Microsoft has been outnumbered. The profit Microsoft has been making through its exclusives is marginal compared to other high-selling video game titles. Allowing their games to be accessible to PlayStation users might lead to huge profits. PlayStation users clearly outnumber Xbox users, and Microsoft is aware of that.

This change is only going to increase profits in the long term, as a ton of PlayStation users have already been wanting many Xbox classics, like the iconic “Halo” series. Apart from this, trying to implement the cross-platform feature would further extend the social element of gaming. Allowing Xbox players to party up and play with PlayStation users is a feature that should have been added long ago. Many have often stopped gaming because their friends change consoles. The upside to this move is going to reap rewards slowly but steadily in the long run. Exclusives are now too risky and give a fair chance for a game developing studio.

Which Xbox exclusives are going to make their way to the PlayStation Store?

The first title that sparked this whole rumor is Starfield. Apart from Starfield, older Xbox titles are said to make their way into the PlayStation Store as well. Some of these titles include Sea of Thieves, Flight Simulator, Hi-fi Rush, and many more. Halo Infinite, Microsoft’s biggest gaming project at one point in time, is also set to feature in the Play Store.

With the rise of these rumors, many suggest the end of Xbox consoles. At the other end of the rumor spectrum, Microsoft is also rumored to be releasing their own handheld soon. Microsoft dropping their console business might be a long shot. It is evident that the PlayStation exclusives have been posting some insane numbers. Hence, for Microsoft, going multiplatform is probably one way of starting a new ecosystem for video game titles.

Will PlayStation Share Exclusives?

The days of playing Halo on a PlayStation 5 are soon incoming. I’m not convinced that PlayStation is going to release its exclusive titles to Xbox anytime soon. Microsoft has accepted to share only because of the opportunity the PlayStation Store offers. Sony, at the same time, seems to be doing well ever since PlayStation 5 was completely restocked and available. Despite being successful, Palworld still remains only available to Xbox and PC users. We can expect the game to go into sales overdrive when it’s available on PlayStation. For now, no dates have been confirmed for the PlayStation release, and as things stand, it might take a while.

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