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Palworld Themed XBOX Spotted – Custom Pal Controllers Incoming?


Sony and Microsoft have an exclusive each that has been blowing up in 2024 . Helldivers 2 was the recent PlayStation/PC exclusive title that has been going head-to-head with Palworld in terms of downloads. Both Palworld and Helldivers 2 developers did not expect their title to be such a hit and blow up to this magnitude. With so much hype for each of these titles, it looks like Microsoft will be the first one launching custom Palworld consoles and controllers.

Microsoft Palworld Series S giveaway announced


This recent Reddit Twitter post by the Palworld social media team showcases a custom skin line for Xbox Series S and controller.Just like how Pokémon started making millions with their custom merch, Palworld looks to be headed down the same road as well. Each controller isn’t just a general color theme. Unique pals have been linked to the controller, and PC players are considering buying this joystick just to store it as a collectible. As of now, there is only one generic Palworld design linked up with the console. A custom Palworld controller would certainly be worth collecting even if you don’t own an Xbox. Would anyone buy the Series S console? I heavily doubt it.

As of now, the bundle shown in the tweet is just a giveaway. We’re most likely to see custom Series X console skins available for purchase in stores.It will be really interesting to see how Microsoft implements more of Palworld into their ecosystem. The tech giants have already been reported to lend their assets to the Palworld developers for faster development. Microsoft understands the importance of Palworld in its ecosystem. It’s been a while since Microsoft has had an exclusive title take off like the way Palworld did. Hence, it only makes sense for Microsoft to ride the wave and keep the Palworld hype at an all-time high.


Palworld and Helldivers both have issues to address ASAP.

Helldivers 2 was an instant success, but the game was plagued with bugs and server issues from day one. It’s been a few weeks since launch day, and developers have confirmed that they’re working hard on fixing the matchmaking issues. The reason for these issues was because the developers did not expect 300k+ users on launch weekend. Arrowhead Game Studios has confirmed that they have invested in upgrading the servers to accommodate the influx of players since launch. More bugs and glitches will be identified on smoother servers; hence, the focus is on fixing the ongoing matchmaking issues.


Palworld has been labelled a “PC game” with the console experience lacking quality. Microsoft themselves have invested in Palworld and have even lent assets for the speedy development for the Xbox consoles. They focus on fixing a ton of rendering issues along with improving the overall quality of the game on the console. So far, Xbox players are yet to play the game in complete throttle because of the ongoing issues pertaining to consoles. With the new Palworld themed exclusive Xbox consoles coming up, we can expect many updates for the Xbox consoles for a much smoother Palworld experience.


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