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Palworld Breaks Records: What Is This Game All About?

Palworld has been the talk of the town, and the game has clearly taken the whole world by storm. At number 7, Palworld has now officially entered the top 10 list of Steam games with the most concurrent players. It beat the likes of Hogwarts Legacy, Elden Ring, and even GTA 5. Priced at $29.99 USD, the game managed to sell 2 million copies, forcing the developers to have an emergency meeting with Steam regarding the sudden rise in players.

Palworld has been labelled “Pokemon with guns” because of its similarities with the iconic Pokemon world. There’s been a lot of controversy regarding stealing content from the Pokemon franchise, but in all honesty, that has just fueled the sales of the game. Just like in the Pokemon world, players can capture “pals” that are found throughout the map, and these pals help players in various ways, from building bases to attacking enemies. I personally just got over the Lego survival mode craze, and this game seems to be a bigger and better version of a typical survival game.

Players get to fight other pals and capture them using pal spheres as they explore the world. Crafting new weapons, building, and decoration are critical parts of the game, just like any survival game, and every pal contributes to the ecosystem with its unique traits.Once a pal is captured, they can be spawned into the island at any point in time and be assigned tasks such as crafting, cooking, scavenging, etc.

Each pal has a predefined partner skill that further classifies them into weapons and mounts. Furthermore, you will find pal trainers all over the map who act as battle bosses in the game. Pal trainers often function as patrol agents, and you can see them fighting against other pal trainers, trying to protect their territory of dominance. Apart from that, players can also be issued a warrant level depending on the crimes they committed. Crimes are often fights between players, and these end with either the players dying or successfully running away and evading the patrol forces.

Palworld, as of now, is exclusive to PC and Xbox. PlayStation users have to wait for a while, as there are no plans to release it for the PlayStation immediately. At the same time, Xbox users with a Game Pass subscription active have the option to play this game from day 1.

There’s a ton of controversy surrounding this game with regards to copying Pokemon content, and how that will play out is still yet to be determined. With such hype surrounding the game, I’m sure the developers will figure out the legal side of things and focus on expanding the potential of this game. As of now, the Palworld wave is going strong, and almost all the gaming-related content creators have given AAA reviews on this game. January is an important month for the developers “Pocket Pair.” The game is still not available for PlayStation users, and even without that, Palworld is breaking records on a daily basis. We’ll have to wait and see how far they push this initial momentum and what the future of this game holds for us. For now, renew your Game Pass and try playing Palworld to be a part of the next survival game revolution.

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