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Is Pokemon Go Still Good in 2024? | GAME REVIEW

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Back in 2016, Pokemon was at its peak with 28.5 million daily active users and everyone was going crazy about it. However, the hype about the game started to die down. Now, it seems like Pokemon Go is dead but you might be surprised with how it’s doing in 2024. So is Pokemon Go still worth playing in 2024? Or is it a game that should stay in the history books?

The Initial Pokemon Go Hype

Pokemon Go was at its prime in 2016 and by 2021, there have already been over a billion downloads of the game. This was due to its revolutionary gameplay and its creative use of Augmented Reality (AR). Players were immersed in the world of Pokemon as it slowly blended in with reality. 

Massive influencers such as Pewdiepie also jumped on the trend and made videos playing the game which garnered millions of views. It even attracted players that weren’t even familiar with the franchise itself. However, as the years went by, Pokemon Go faded into the background. And it seemed to most people that it was just a short-term trend. 

Pokemon Go in 2024

Right now, despite being far from when it was at its peak, Pokemon Go still has a massive player base with more than 500 thousand players still being active. This is due to Pokemon Go’s consistent release of new content which never made the game boring. Which is especially true for veteran players.  

Currently, there are Eight Generations of Pokemon within the game with a total of 1,008 different unique Pokemon you could catch. They come from the different regions within the series including Kanto, Johto, Unova, and more. There are also more recent features such as Routes where you can follow paths made by other users. This is coupled along with Party Play. This means that you can finally team up with your friends and do Raids as a group.

Pokemon Go is also introducing a new season called Timeless Travels. It’s paired up with more Pokemon from the Hisui Region which was featured in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. There’s also another event called the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh where players can encounter Dialga and Palkia in their origin forms. 

Other than that, there are Community Day events set throughout the year as well, especially in February. You can also battle without having to go to the gym as you meet Team Rocket Grunts and complete missions. So that you can get encounters with rare Pokemon that you can catch.

  • Continuous Updates
  • Solid Player Base
  • More Interactive
  • Might Feel Repetitive
  • Might be Overwhelming for New Players
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