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Is the Waterbending Mythic Better Than Assault Rifles in Fortnite?

With a ton of new content being dropped with regards to the Avatar update, every player is confused about whether the new mythic Airbender weapon ability is better than the regular assault rifles in Fortnite. The mythic Waterbender has received mixed feedback from the community. In this guide, we will analyze whether this item is the best weapon for every Fortnite player or if it best suits a particular playstyle. Keep reading to discover more about this mythic item and its impact as compared to assault rifles in the game.

3 Mythic Ice Bursts vs Assault Rifle Tap-fire meta – Who wins in Fortnite?

If we look straight into the stats, the mythic Waterbender has some interesting hit values. The weapon fires projectiles that inflict 24 damage to the body and 36 to the head. For max damage, players have to hit all three projectiles on the enemy. Three body shots deal 72 damage in total, while three headshots remove 108 HP from the enemy. Despite these promising numbers for eliminating a full HP player, it requires a minimum of 9 headshots. How good are these numbers when compared to a typical assault rifle in Fortnite?

As of now, Fortnite has introduced at least 30 to 40 varieties of assault rifles, each having different damage values and different fire rates. Apart from the burst assault rifles, the remaining assault rifles all have higher head damage and can take down an enemy much faster compared to the mythic Waterbender.

No Bloom and Better Recoil?

Whenever a player engages in a fight, there are three major crosshair-related aspects that they have to address. The first would be aim punch. Aim punch is when the crosshair shakes as soon as the player is hit by a bullet. In Fortnite, players find aim punch less prevalent than in other games, but they still find it annoying when hit by heavy bullet guns. Apart from that, two other factors come into play called Bloom and recoil. Bloom is referred to as the crosshair spread and the wider it gets, the lesser are the chances for that shot to hit.

With regards to bloom, the new Water Bender Mythic item is better than the assault rifle. Players are able to maneuver and engage in combat with the Water Airbender accurately without overspread bloom issues. Even when it comes to recoil, the Water Airbender Mythic is miles ahead of the typical Fortnite assault rifle. Hence, when it comes to shooting and maneuvering at the same time, the Water Airbender does have a notable huge advantage.

Unlimited ammo for Fortnite’s Mythic Waterbender

Another major factor that has to be accounted for in this capital is the fact that the Waterbender Mythic has unlimited ammo. There’s a cooldown after a series of shots fired, but players do not have to fear running out of ammo. Accessing unlimited ammo early in the game is crucial for participating in lengthy fights. Ice projectiles in build mode can demolish walls, allowing for  more wall-spamming and pressuring opponents to complete their builds.

The assault rifle is still the king of long-range fights as it has the option to add scopes. The ability to aim down sight and go into first-person mode also helps with more accurate aim. These important aspects of the assault rifles make it a staple inventory pick for any player. For now, the assault rifle can be dropped for the Waterbender Mythic in the early stages of the game. As the game reaches its final circles, it’s better to drop the mythic for a good assault rifle with the appropriate attachments.


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