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Another “Pay to lose” skin in Fortnite?

Fortnite has been busy featuring collabs in the main game for years now. While it is true that we need quality skins that look exactly like the character they represent, some skins have been labeled “pay to lose.” With hitboxes playing a significant part in any shooter title, trying to maintain a standard shape in every render looks seemingly impossible for Fortnite.

Family Guy’s Chicken Skin Drama

Twitter was flooded with videos of players dying to various bugs while wearing the chicken skin from Family Guy. Players were dying to opponents spraying them down even with a wall in front of them. Check out this video post on Twitter to understand the first bug:

Apart from this, this skin has also been in the bad books for being too huge. As the name suggests, the “giant” factor of this skin does seem to attract a ton of attention, and the bright yellow color does not help either. Most of the sweaty skins blend in well with the Fortnite map, with some even being literal camouflage skins. The Chicken Skin, at the same time, is the complete opposite of a typical sweaty skin.

In build mode, every build has a small gap that allows players to get a peek inside. Depending on the initial information, enemies tend to spray you down, knowing exactly where you’re at. Now, with the Giant Chicken, you have a disadvantage in terms of both size and color. The fact that it is bright yellow and wide allows enemies to notice more than they should. Hence, a ton of players have been requesting a refund for this bundle just to ensure this skin never shows up in their inventory.

Will Epic Act On This?

Epic has made changes to skins before to maintain the competitive integrity of the game. The Plastic Patroller skin was previously very similar to the shade of the grass in Fortnite. Epic did change the initial color so that players didn’t have an advantage while camping. This color change was quite acceptable because you could literally just stay inside a bush, and no one would notice, even while running around you.

Irrespective of the changes they made to the Plastic Patroller, Epic is known for sticking to their guns and not making changes to skins because they were disadvantageous. For example, the Peely skin in Fortnite attracted a lot of attention because the headshot hitbox was bigger than the ideal renders of Fortnite. Epic did not make any sudden changes; instead, they just waited it out. And now, Peely is considered one of the most iconic skins in the game, with many streamers regularly showcasing it in their streams. The Peely Skin’s head still pops out of cars, but it is too iconic to make changes to it. They even went on to add various other versions of the Peely skin with the exact same tall render it had

Personally, I’d say go for a refund and use those V-Bucks for another skin. But hey, if you are a Family Guy fan and you are looking to complete the bundle, this skin does look fun and will surely be useful in other creative maps. For now, it does not look like Epic is going to make any changes to the skin visually but rather they’d focus on fixing the bugs surrounding it.


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