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Snipers slowly being removed in Fortnite ?

Unlike traditional battle royale games, Fortnite has been experimenting with a bunch of new items ever since the launch of Chapter 5. Almost every week, Epic Games tries to include a new item with completely new mechanics into the game. While some items stay in the game, developers vault the rest for re-release on another day. The time-to-kill factor attributes to the majority of the newly introduced items. In this latest update, Epic has vaulted all blue variants of the sniper rifle in Fortnite. Why would Epic decrease the spawn rate of the sniper in Fortnite so drastically? Read more to find out.

Blue Snipers Vaulted in Fortnite

As of the latest update, snipers are no longer as prominent in the early stages of the game. Especially in the “no build” mode, snipers played a significant part in the overall meta. At the start of Chapter 5, snipers were completely broken in long-range fights. Epic had to significantly increase the bullet drop of the sniper to balance the weapon. Players didn’t consider sniper eliminations a fair fight as third-partying with a sniper is relatively easy without bullet drop.

The Gold and the purple variants of sniper are still available on the map. You can often find them in late-game situations. By the looks of it, Epic removed snipers from Fortnite primarily because of eliminations that took place from too far of a distance. While snipers are designed for long-range combat, eliminating players from 200 meters away was detrimental to the game. . Giving players more access to snipers in late game does make sense for Epic. Players are able to spot each other well in advance, and campers would not be as dominant in the late game as well.

Gold and Purple Snipers Are Still the Way To Go

Epic had completely removed snipers from Fornite at one point in time, and they might do it again. As of now, though, the purple and gold variants are the guns with the lowest “time to kill” statistic, snipers are limited in number. The ideal loadout would still feature a sniper along with an assault rifle and shotgun. In case a player hits a body shot with a sniper, switching over to the assault rifle to complete the kill is still a viable option.

Attachments on snipers can win games without breaking a sweat. I’d personally recommend the 4x or the 1.2x zoom attachment on the sniper along with a recoil muzzle and a speed magazine. For whoever doesn’t know, using a basic scope avoids the flashlight effect you see on players scoped in with a sniper. This small feature confuses opponents about the whereabouts of each shot taken. For now, snipers are still of good value in the game and should never be overlooked. I wouldn’t be surprised if Epic removes snipers from Fortnite completely. They’ve done this before, and it even took a few months for the snipers to make a return into the game. Getting a grip on assault rifles and learning how to get maximum value out of these rifles might be the meta for the near future.

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