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Sentinels Back on Top – Zekken Now Valorant’s Best Duelist?

It’s been an absolutely wild 2024 for Sentinels since day 1. After missing out on Masters events for more than 900 days, Sentinels made it to a Masters final and won it. There’s lots to be covered with regards to this rerun of success for Sentinels. For the very first Valorant Masters event, Sentinels managed to lift the trophy without dropping a map, becoming the most popular Valorant team on the planet. This time, the run wasn’t as smooth, but it looked like Sentinels were way more dominating towards the end.


Sentinels – Road To The Finals (Valorant Masters Madrid)

It’s no new fact that the Sentinels are probably the most invested in Valorant. They’ve been trying out multiple players for the past two years, with TenZ being the only member to remain from the initial Masters win. Even for Masters Madrid, they made the very slight change of replacing Pancada with Zellsis. Pancada left the team for multiple reasons, with visa issues being the most prominent one. This last-minute addition of Zellsis into the roster might just have been what Sentinels were waiting for years. Though Zellsis had played for Sentinels before, he didn’t get enough matches to show his worth. For this VCT event, he came in clutch with many iconic clutch moments throughout the event.

With the roster finalized, Sentinels hopped into the tournament with a shaky start and qualified for the playoffs from the lower bracket. Later, they went on to beat the Singapore Valorant Giants PRX in the semifinals to book themselves a spot in the final. There were no easy fixtures for Sentinels in this run of matches. Most of the matches went down to the last second, with every player forced to clutch in multiple maps.

After the PRX match, Sentinels faced the Asian top-seeded team, Gen.G, in the finals. Gen.G was in top form with the likes of texture fragging and dominating teams with his performance. The game went down all the way to the decider map, with Gen.G winning the first and the third map. For the decider map, Icebox, it was all about Sentinels holding their nerves after taking a solid lead in the second half of the match. Against all odds, Sentinels were able to close the final map with a scoreline of 13-6, establishing themselves as the best Valorant team in the world.

Zekken – The Best Duelist In the World?

With the likes of TenZ and sacy being the most talked-about players in Sentinels, Zekken managed to make a name for himself in this Valorant tournament. After his Master Madrid performance, Zekken has been named the best duelist in the game. Zekken was explosive during attack rounds, frequently finishing matches as MVP and leading in “First bloods”. While lifting the trophy, the whole stadium was chanting “MVP” the moment Zekken got his hands on it.  Surprisingly, Not many people know that Zekken unlocked his Valorant rank in Silver when the game started. From there, he worked his way up to enter the pro scene in the first year, and now he’s the best duelist in the world.


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