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SPINE Dazzles with Gun Fu Action in New Gameplay Reveal

SPINE Gameplay Teaser Key Art

Developer Nekki has lifted the veil on their upcoming title, SPINE, with a new gameplay trailer showcased at the Future Games Show. The “Market Gameplay” teaser offers a glimpse into SPINE‘s stylish gun fu action, set within a vibrant cyberpunk world.  With a planned release in late 2025, SPINE aims to redefine the genre on PC and consoles.

SPINE casts players as Redline, a rebellious street artist fighting an oppressive AI regime known as the Tensor Corporation. She won’t be alone though – players will also control her sentient combat implant, Spine, as they challenge their high-tech adversaries.  This dynamic duo will need to learn to trust each other if they hope to succeed.

You can see the game in action below.

What truly sets SPINE apart is its cinematic flair.  Nekki has enlisted the help of action movie specialists to choreograph the game’s combat sequences, giving every encounter a blockbuster feel. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki’s own Cascadeur animation engine, SPINE promises fluid, dynamic battles where you feel like the star of your own action flick.

Producer Dmitry Pimenov spoke about the gameplay teaser: “Today’s pre-Alpha Market Gun Fu teaser is just a taste of SPINE’s cinematic action from early in the game when Redline has unlocked only a small number of Spine’s abilities. We’re looking forward to showing more gameplay later this year, as well as revealing more about SPINE’s deep story and world-building, character backgrounds, cutscenes and cinematic production.”

Eager to dive into the world of SPINE?  You can wishlist the game on Steam right now. And if you can’t wait for the game’s release, Nekki is publishing the SPINE: Bullet Dancers webtoon, offering a deeper dive into the game’s lore and setting the stage for Redline’s rebellion.


Ever wondered what it’s like to be the hero of an action movie? To find yourself in the epicenter of the action, kicking the gun out of your opponent’s hand, or parrying a bullet with your trusty katana?

Look no further! SPINE is a cinematic game about close-quarters gunfights. Become the hero of your favorite action movie, grab your guns, enhance your reflexes with a Spine augmentation, and get ready to fight!

The game unveils the story of a cyberpunk city in the near future. Have you heard the news that Tensor AI transformed this city into a literal heaven on Earth? Or would you prefer to listen to the whispers of the opposition? Join the fights on the city streets and participate in the global conflict of powerful factions while seeking personal revenge against the system. The environments and situations where you’ll meet your enemies are inspired by our endless love for action movies.

SPINE Key Features

  • Close-quarter Gun Combat: SPINE introduces a unique fusion of cinematic gunplay and close-combat beat ’em up, emphasized by elaborate camerawork and providing players with dynamic and immersive gun fu gameplay.
  • Cinematic Action: Collaborating with action movie specialists and paying homage to iconic action movies, Nekki promises a truly cinematic adventure where every moment feels like a scene from an epic blockbuster.
  • Gripping Narrative: Explore an immersive cyberpunk world as Redline and Spine challenge Tensor’s autocratic regime. Discover a story of rebellion, trust, and survival, while exploring the risks and benefits of AI. 
  • Cutting-Edge Tech and Graphics: Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and Nekki’s proprietary animation engine, Cascadeur, SPINE boasts fluid, lifelike combat animations within a detailed cyberpunk environment, pushing the boundaries of gaming graphics.
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