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Omen Buffed Again? Double Controller Meta Takes Over Valorant!

VCT is back again, and the agent composition for teams is going to get exciting in the upcoming weeks. With the inclusion of the latest controller, Clove, it looks like Riot is heading for a controller-dominating meta. Many maps in Valorant, specifically “Split,” included two controllers for almost every pro match that was recently played out. The importance of smoking major choke points is at an all-time high, with teams preferring to switch to double controller instead of a double duelist composition. By no means does this mean the duelists have generally become weaker. The plain fact is that controllers have been given aggressive options, which include a recent buff to Omen.

Omen Ultimate Buffed in the Latest Valorant PBE Update

In the very latest Public Beta Environment (PBE) server update, Omen was hit with a major change to his ultimate. Now Omen can teleport across the map and interact with items while in his ultimate form. For example, in Valorant, interactable doors can be found on multiple maps. These doors come in clutch for retakes, post-plant plays, and much more. In maps like Split, defenders ideally close the mid door as soon as the round starts. With Omen’s latest change, he can now open the door while in his ultimate form, enabling multiple plays with the team.

Small changes like these are being included to make controllers more important than duelists themselves. An ideal team composition would consist of an initiator, 2 duelists, one controller, and one sentinel. By the way things have changed, it does look like controllers are being given more priority. Changes to them are being made so that agents like Omen can exist in the meta more freely. As of now, controllers were required to play behind the team and stay alive for as much as they can. This was required so that Valorant teams have access to smokes throughout the course of the round.

Clove might just be Valorant’s best agent release ever!

Clove has set the game on fire after being picked frequently across all ranks. The agent is easy to play and has value even after being eliminated. There are multiple plays Clove can make if they get their timing right. Apart from the regular rush meta, Clove can lurk across the map and have an impact on fake rotations even after being eliminated. Among all the controllers, Brimstone and Omen have the easiest smokes. The ever so famous iPad interface allows them to place straight easy smokes even while on the move.

Yes, Clove is still a new agent, and changes are bound to come. From what we’ve seen so far, their ultimate allows for aggressive plays, and no other controller in the meta can do the same. As previously mentioned, the initial team composition consisted of two duelists. But now, with duelist traits given to Clove, the two-controller meta just got overpowered. Make sure to abuse the two-controller strategy and milk it while it lasts. The full update is expected to drop this week. Try combining Omen and Clove in your Valorant team compositions as they look like the most meta agents at the moment.


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