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Valorant’s Exclusive Skinline: Xerofang Bundle & Scales of Fortune Event Battle Pass Drops Today

Valorant Exclusive Skin Line  Xerofang bundle releases today! 

Every year, Valorant releases exclusive skin lines based on certain events and occasions. This week, we have the new Xerofang bundle available via the in-game store. This skin line launch marks the celebration of the new Lunar Year. Like many previous skins, this skin is exclusive and will not be available for purchase in the store again. Last year, we had the Ignite fan skin celebrating the Lunar Year, and that is currently considered one of the most unique skins in the game. So, if you are interested in purchasing the skin, make sure you do it before it leaves the store because it will not return again.

Xerofang bundle

Riot Games has always managed to surprise me with the effort they put into their premium skins. There will always be one element in each such bundle that is truly iconic. The bullet sound from the Prime Vandal is something that no other Vandal skin has managed to replace for me. In this bundle, the movie is set to cost 4650 VP, which is similar to the price of the River Knife. And I’m assuming the rest of the weapons would be priced at around 1700 – 2000 VP.

But let’s get straight to the best part of the bundle, which is the melee itself. A new inspect animation has been added to the melee that has never been featured before. Besides that, a ton of extra visual effects has been added as well for when the melee is moved around. And from the reviews so far, the effects and finisher are the most interesting aspects of this bundle.

This Lunar Edition skin line features a Vandal, Ghost, and a melee. Player cards and a gun buddy are also included in the bundle, with the buddy being a reactive one. The whole bundle is priced at 6,355 VP. The individual prices of the other gun skins have not been confirmed.


Scales of Fortune Event

For those who don’t intend to buy anything from the bundle, there are still free goodies up for grabs in the form of an event pass. The Scales of Fortune Event Pass is said to be included along with the launch of the skin line. This event pass allows players to unlock a player card, spray, title, and 20 precious Radianite points.

Since this is an exclusive event, these unlockables will not be featured in the item shop as well. Hence, make sure you unlock them while the event is still running. Exclusives in Valorant have always been highly worked on. One of the few exclusive skins that Valorant initially released was the Arcane Sheriff. There was no special “bundle” with the Arcane release. You could only buy the Arcane Sheriff, but with it, you did get a few goodies related to the successful Netflix series Arcane. There have been rumors suggesting that, apart from the melee, individual items cannot be bought from the bundle. Either buy the melee or get the bundle in case you want any other item. This has happened before, but I hope it’s not the same this time.


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