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Behind Schedule: The 2024 Edition of Every Game Delayed Right Now

Every game delayed 2024

Game delays are always a disappointment, but sometimes they’re for the best. Developers want to deliver the most polished, bug-free experience possible, and sometimes that means spending a little more time working on it.Therefore, every game delayed comes with a good reason for it. 

Of course, delays can happen for many reasons – from needing extra polish to unexpected development hurdles and even publishing disputes. Even if we have some game releases in January 2024, some titles are still on the bench.

Let’s take a look at some games that have hit the brakes in 2024, the reasons behind their delays, and why the extra time might make them even better in the long run.

1. Abandoned

“Abandoned” from Blue Box Game Studios was first supposed to arrive in late 2021 but not only was the release date pushed back, but the entire project is raising eyebrows. 

This game has been plagued with controversy, from unclear messaging about the game to seemingly intentional teasers hinting at connections to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.  Even though the developer denies those connections, the constant delays aren’t doing the game any favors.

2. Soup Pot

Soup lovers, get ready to wait a little longer! Chikon Club’s “Soup Pot,” where you get to “livestream” your culinary creations, was originally going to get an August release.  But now it’s coming later this year so it looks like the developers are trying to create the perfectly seasoned experience.

3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

This remake was meant to revive a classic and originally had a March release date. Sadly, it was delayed back in February without a clear return date in sight. Ubisoft is trying to create a remake that feels fresh while honoring the original, and finding that balance is taking some extra time.

4. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Every game delayed Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

This one’s seen some serious drama. Originally planned for 2021, it got delayed twice, there’s been a whole developer switch-up, and even controversy surrounding one of the original writers.  We can only hope all the turmoil will result in a sequel worthy of this cult classic. 

5. Replaced

This sci-fi platformer was planned for 2022,  then it got pushed to 2023, and now we’re expecting it to come sometime in 2024.  The team at Sad Cat Studios has had a rough time; they’re based in Belarus and Ukraine.  Relocating everyone during a war understandably put development on pause. Now, it seems they just need more time to fine-tune the game.

6. Homeworld 3

Strategy fans were ready to command their fleets in 2022, but “Homeworld 3” just wasn’t ready for launch.  Gearbox and Blackbird Interactive decided to give it more time, first pushing it to 2023 and then twice into May 13, 2024. Hopefully, the extra development time will make the space battles truly epic.

7. Star Wars: Hunters

Multiplayer Star Wars action on phones and Switch seemed like a fun time. Sadly, Zynga hit the delay button, first pushing “Star Wars: Hunters” to 2023 and now further out into 2024.  Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait for those lightsaber duels and blaster shootouts.

8. Metal Slug Tactics

Run-and-gun Metal Slug action but with strategy? Sign us up! Unfortunately, this spin-off got bumped from its original 2022 launch to sometime in 2023.  The devs are being a bit mysterious, just saying the “squad needs more time in the shop.” Guess they really want to make their tactics shine.

9. A Space for the Unbound

This delay sounds a bit complicated. Apparently, the console versions of “A Space for the Unbound” were ready to go, but a messy publishing dispute with PQube Games has everything on hold.  Issues around misused funding and who owns the rights slowed things down. Hopefully, the devs and players don’t end up stuck in limbo too long.

10. Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story

“Song of Nunu” will take us on a  much more wholesome League of Legends adventure, but it’s been pushed into 2023 as well. They want time to polish things up, which makes sense for a game trying something completely new within the League universe.

11. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened

This remake looked incredibly cool, blending classic Holmes with Lovecraftian horror. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has caused massive disruptions for Frogwares, the Kyiv-based studio. Constant blackouts have hampered development, and it’s heartbreaking to imagine what they’re going through.  The delay is understandable, and the game was tentatively aiming for March or April 2023.

12. The Wolf Among Us 2

This was a big disappointment for fans of the first game.  “The Wolf Among Us 2” was supposed to arrive in 2023, but now it’s been pushed back with no new release date. The new Telltale studio is smaller than the original, and they seem committed to making it as good as fans expect. Still, the wait is going to be tough!

13. Hyper Light Breaker

This one was aiming for an early access launch this spring, but that’s been bumped to fall.  No specific reason was given, so maybe they just ran into development snags or wanted to make the early version extra polished. Hopefully, the delay means an even smoother final launch down the line.

14. Ark 2 and Ark: Survival Ascended

It seems like Studio Wildcard had a bit of an over-optimistic 2023 target. “Ark 2” has been bumped to 2024, and the remade “Ark: Survival Ascended” got moved to October 2023. It sounds like they had trouble with the Unreal Engine and want to make sure the dinosaur action truly feels next-gen.

15. Endless Dungeon

Roguelike Dungeon crawler fans were probably pumped for the May 18th release of “Endless Dungeon,” but they’ll be waiting until October now. At least it’s a specific delay. Sadly, Switch fans will have to wait even longer, the Switch version doesn’t have a date yet.

16. Hollow Knight: Silksong

The eternal question – when is it coming out? Looks like this gorgeous, long-awaited sequel was originally slated for the first half of 2023, but Team Cherry has pushed the date back.  No new date, just a commitment to quality.  The wait continues but at least we know they’re not rushing it.

17. Another Crab’s Treasure

Looks like treasure hunting in this crab-tastic Souls-like will take a bit more patience. It was meant to drop in 2023, but the devs at Aggro Crab decided 2024 was the better choice. They want to make sure they find that extra-special “Radical Rock” of polish to really make the game shine!

18. Blue Protocol

Good news and bad news here. “Blue Protocol” launched in Japan in 2023, but Western fans will have to wait until 2024.  Seems like the localization work is extensive, making sure all the stories and online features work smoothly. Better to take their time than rush a messy release.

19. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Kickstarter projects are always tricky! This ambitious throwback RPG was supposed to come out in 2023, but we’ll have to wait until Q2 2024 to play it. The bright side? It’s coming straight to Xbox Game Pass, which is always good news for subscribers.

20. Phasmophobia (consoles)

Talk about spooky timing!  Kinetic Games was gearing up for the console launch of the hit ghost-hunting game, then, unfortunately, a fire at their studio caused major disruptions.  Fitting, though slightly inconvenient, that the console versions are now launching near Halloween!

21. Suikoden 1 & 2 HD Remaster

This delay was a real disappointment for anyone who is a fan of JRPG. Anyhow, Konami promised fans that the remasters of the beloved “Suikoden” games would be released in 2023, but that’s no longer happening. They want to make sure they do the legendary series justice, and no new release window has been announced yet.

22. Cygni: All Guns Blazing

This shoot-’em-up looked like a blast from the past – literally. Unfortunately, it seems Konami and KeelWorks need more time to ensure they live up to the genre’s flashy and polished classics. It was pushed from 2023 to 2024, but thankfully they promised progress updates!

23. Rugby 24

Fans of the sport were probably pumped for “Rugby 24,” but they’ll have to scrum a little longer. Big Ant Studios bumped it to January 30, 2024, citing expanded content leading to extra dev time and struggles with getting 3D scans of certain teams.  Realistic rugby action takes effort!

24. Border Bots VR

Looks like we’ll be checking futuristic passports a bit later than planned. “Border Bots VR,” the intriguing VR successor to “Papers, Please,” got bumped from September 2023 to February 8, 2024. The devs want to ensure everything is smooth across all platforms (Steam VR, Quest 2, and PSVR 2).

25. The Troop

This strategy game’s playing a bit of tactical retreat, moving its release date slightly to October 18th. Apparently, the devs at PLA Studios and Giant Flame want to avoid getting caught in a “crowded theater of war” (meaning a bunch of other games are launching, too).  Smart move for a smaller title!

26. Rune Bender VR

Looks like we’ll be slinging magical runes in VR a bit later than planned. “Rune Bender VR” was bumped into February 2024 so Nurogames can really polish up the experience.  Making VR feel good is tricky, so it’s better to take their time than release a sloppy wave-shooter.

27. Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Remastered

Reliving Sam & Max’s goofy adventures will take a bit more patience! The remaster was supposed to hit in 2023, but now that’s been pushed to sometime in Spring 2024. At least we know the wait will finally end!

28. Sucker for Love: Date to Die For

Dread XP had the perfect idea: a creepy dating sim filled with Lovecraftian horrors, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Alas, the cosmic horrors of game development intervened. Rather than release a rushed and unpolished experience, they wisely opted for a delay. Now, we’ll have to wait and see just how terrifying (and hopefully hilarious) those eldritch dates will be.

29. The Thaumaturge

Sometimes a delay is less about development and more about smart strategy. “The Thaumaturge,” a unique-looking RPG, was finished and ready to launch in February. However, that release window was packed with competing games!  To give their title a fighting chance, Fool’s Theory and 11-bit studios wisely bumped it to March 4th, hoping to avoid getting buried in the release day rush.

30. Earth Defense Force 6

EDF!  EDF! Looks like those iconic chants will be slightly delayed this year. “Earth Defense Force 6” has been moved from its previously planned Spring 2024 launch to a broader Summer 2024 window. The reasons are positive – the team is adding final touches and making sure the Western launch goes off without a hitch. Hopefully, this means even smoother bug-blasting action for us eager fans!

31. Prison Architect 2

Ever wish you could design the perfect prison? Turns out that takes some extra planning! Paradox Interactive’s “Prison Architect 2,” initially set for a March release, has been moved to May 7th.  They want to make sure everything runs without a hitch – no surprise bugs causing prison riots!  Let’s hope the extra time ensures a super-polished experience

32. Dungeons of Hinterberg

Looks like those pesky dungeon monsters and traps caused more trouble than expected! “Dungeons of Hinterberg” was aiming for a Spring 2024 launch, but the devs realized they needed some extra time to make the crawl epic.  It’s been pushed to a broader Summer 2024 window, and hopefully, that means extra polish and exciting surprises when it finally does arrive.

33. Earthblade

The creators of the critically acclaimed “Celeste” are taking their time with their next adventure, and honestly, that’s reassuring! “Earthblade” was originally planning a 2024 launch, but it looks like Exok Games wants to nail this action platform’s feel before committing to a release date. While the delay is a slight bummer, it’s exciting to think about the level of polish and challenge they might be aiming for!

34. Mars 2120

Blast off for this Metroidvania has been postponed! “Mars 2120” was targeting a March launch, but Qubyte decided to push it back to later in 2024. They’re focused on optimizing and polishing everything up, which sounds promising. A slightly longer wait is probably worth it if it means a smoother, more enjoyable adventure exploring the Red Planet!

Every Game Delayed: Conclusion

So there you have it! Every game delayed is a new anticipation-building game for players. And, with everything said so far, and with this complete list of every delayed game in 2024, we’re set to experience more releases than ever. This is especially good for players looking to play more than just a couple of titles.

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