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Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League Bugs Out After Latest Patch

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has not had the best time since launch. Not only is this live service game not getting the players it was thinking of getting, but even WB is disappointed at the state of the game being unable to rake in all the money they thought they were getting. If only someone decided to pitch a Superman game instead of a Suicide Squad game, right?

Even so, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is still on track to release its first Season this March, which is right around the corner. Although, with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also releasing at the end of February, it’s a wonder if anyone is still going to be playing this game when the PlayStation 5 exclusive comes, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, Rocksteady has been trying to fix the game in time for the first Season by releasing patches to fix the game. However, it seems that the latest patch more or less has broken the game for console players, which is not a good sign.

After releasing their latest patch, players jumped right back into Metropolis to continue the fight against Brainiac and other versions of him in the Elseworlds. However, it seems that the patch has broken something for console players (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S) and some PC gamers as the game will be stuck on a “Loading Metropolis” screen forever after an Incursion mission.

This bug is essentially preventing console players from progressing the game, as the only way to get out of this infinite loading bug is by restarting the game. However, this does not save your progress and you will be forced to do that same mission again. Of course, Rocksteady is aware of the issue and has released a statement.

According to their Twitter page, they are aware of the bug that causes the infinite loading screen after Incursions. They stated that the second patch was meant to squash bugs that were present on initial launch, unknowingly causing another major bug that is plaguing console players.

This game hasn’t been doing great in terms of getting more players in the game, and with Helldivers 2 being more popular and having more players, the fate of this game is not looking good. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League might not make it past Year 2, considering that it’s looking like it might perform worse than Marvel’s Avengers.

Which makes sense, as players are very skeptical with live service superhero games thanks to the absolute failure of Marvel’s Avengers. However, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is actually a better game than Marvel’s Avengers in terms of gameplay and even its replayability, as Marvel’s Avengers’ end game was too repetitive and their future content did not look promising.

For Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, we’re getting future seasons filled with content and free characters, along with more potential story bits that might show us that the Justice League might still be alive.

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