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Stellar Performances: Best Starfield Streamers in September 2023

The gaming community is excited about the recent release of Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space role-playing game.

Starfield, the first new universe in 25 years from the architects of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, has made waves in the gaming world; there’s no doubt about it. Moreover, with its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and expansive universe, the game has attracted countless streamers, each bringing their exclusive style and perspective to the game.

This article will highlight the best Starfield streamers in September 2023.

Starfield Popularity

Starfield’s popularity has skyrocketed since its launch, with players worldwide captivated by its rich story, complex characters, and intricate storylines.

In addition, the game’s vast universe offers endless opportunities for exploration, making it perfect for streamers who like engaging and interactive content. Moreover, the game’s popularity has also been boosted by the many top-tier streamers who have taken to the game, providing hours of entertaining content to its viewers.

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek

No list of top streamers would be complete without mentioning Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. This is one of the most popular streamers in the world since his retirement from esports, and there is no doubt that Shroud has dominated the Starfield scene since its launch.

Moreover, he has also demonstrated excellent navigation of the game’s complex mechanics, coupled with his entertaining commentary, have made his Starfield broadcasts a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.

Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell

Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell has been another of Starfield’s most notable streamer. His enthusiasm for the game and genuine passion for the Starfield universe have struck a chord with viewers. Moreover, CohhCarnage’s streams are filled with in-depth analysis, thoughtful commentary, and a good dose of humor, making him a Starfield fan favorite.

Juan “IlloJuan” Garcia

Juan “IlloJuan” Garcia has made waves with his Starfield broadcasts. Known for his humorous commentary and energetic personality, IlloJuan has brought a refreshing and entertaining perspective to Starfield. His broadcasts are filled with laughter, excitement, and epic Starfield moments. Also, let’s remember that the broadcasts are in Spanish.


Jesse, better known as MOONMOON, has captivated viewers with his unique approach to Starfield. His broadcasts blend strategic gameplay, insightful commentary, and hilarious interactions, resulting in an entertaining viewing experience.

MOONMOON’s ability to connect with his audience and his in-depth knowledge of game mechanics have earned him a spot among the best Starfield streamers.

Ruben “El Rubius” Gundersen

Ruben “El Rubius” Gundersen has been another of Starfield’s most prominent streamers. El Rubius is one of the top streamers in the world and, for many, the best in the Spanish community. In addition, he also has a likable personality that makes his streams entertaining.

His streams are full of epic moments, hilarious commentary, and interaction with his viewers.

Starfield continues to captivate gamers worldwide, and these streamers have proven to be the best in the business, delivering hours of entertaining and engaging content. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or new to the Starfield universe, these streamers offer a unique perspective on the game that will entertain and inspire you. As a result, sit back and enjoy the ride as these great streamers navigate the vast Starfield universe.

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