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Chipotle Challenger Series Returns With Tekken 8

Brace yourself gamers & burrito devotees: Chipotle Mexican Grill is bringing its fighting game franchise Tekken 8 to life in a crossover with real planets and real people by Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

The key to this partnership is that Tekken fans can earn exclusive in-game currency by consuming their preferred Chipotle food. We will examine that intense collaboration much more thoroughly.

Earn Tekken Coins For Every Chipotle Purchase

Starting April 8, Chipotle offers Tekken 8 gamers the ability to collect premium in-game currency whenever they order via the Chipotle app or site. Use promo code EWGF623 at checkout (a nod to Tekken’s trademark “Electric Wind God Fist” move) and you are going to receive 500 Tekken Coins while supplies last.

These accumulated Tekken Coins could be used on different tools and looks in the official Tekken 8 in-game shop, enabling players to personalize their fighters’ equipment and looks.

Also, Chipotle Rewards members can exchange 250 points in the Rewards Exchange for a bonus code good for 500 Tekken Coins. I suppose it is a win-win: you get your fried Chipotle, plus you update your Tekken 8 experience.

Chipotle Challenger Series: A Branded Tekken 8 Tournament Jam

But Chipotle is not finished with the gaming crowd yet. The 2024 Chipotle Challenger Series, a Tekken 8 esports competition by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is located in the brand. This is the very first branded competition on the PlayStation Tournaments platform, with the Grand Finals occurring on May 4 and aired live on PlayStation’s esports Twitch and YouTube channels.

Nobody fights on a stomach: All qualifying contestants in the Chipotle Challenger Series will get free chips & guacamole. The 2 grand finalists will each win a season of free Chipotle, a trip to Las Vegas Evo 2024, a share of USD 20,000 in cash prizes and other things.

Regardless if you are an old Tekken enthusiast or an eager newcomer, this is your opportunity to shine and win some swagger!

Chipotle becomes the Presenting Sponsor of Evo 2024

After the smash partnership in 2023, Chipotle happens to be the official presenting sponsor of the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2024 in Las Vegas. The brand is taking things one step even further this season with an on-site Community Lounge, pool winner complimentary appetizer cards, and “Chipotle Extra Match” sections on the live broadcast.

Following overwhelming support of 2023, Chipotle Chief Chris Brandt says the restaurant chain boosted its investment in the Fighting Game Community (FGC), which Evo attendees even cheered on Chipotle advertisements throughout the competition.

Brandt added: Gaming is a social catalyst so we truly have to be there in a significant way because of this enthusiastic community through true experiences and value.

A Legendary Fusion of Gaming and Culinary Delights

Gaming meets food at this Chipotle/Tekken 8 collaboration. Chipotle has shown it’s a brand that listens to gamers with in-game currency benefits, a fan-created meal, a giant esports competition, and an enormous presence at Evo 2024.

Regardless if you are a Tekken snob, a burrito fan, or simply somebody who likes it when two apparently contradictory interests combine, this crossover is unlike any other. There, foodies and gamers can clash as virtual fights collide with actual flavors in a legendary quest.

What exactly are you waiting for? So power up your console, load up your Chipotle purchase, make use of the code, and prepare for the final battle and feast. This Chipotle-Tekken 8 partnership is about to become a household name for gaming and fast casual dining.

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