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Best Skins for Characters in Call of Duty Mobile – Part 2

In the dynamic world of Call of Duty Mobile, character skins are more than just aesthetic enhancements; they reflect the player’s personality, style, and even skill level.

In this article, we’ll delve into some of the best character skins ever released in the game, picking up from where we left off in Part 1. We will focus on Gunzo, Ghost Plasma, Seraph Tombstone, and Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine.


First on our list is Gunzo, a character appearance that is as eccentric as it is effective. Gunzo is a unique addition to the game, with his colorful outfit and clown-like appearance setting him apart from the usual military-themed appearances. However, this look is not just aesthetic. Gunzo’s unique ability, Clown, allows him to summon zombies that distract enemies, giving you an advantage in battle.

Finally, Gunzo’s appearance is perfect for players who like to stand out and add a bit of fun to their game.

Ghost Plasma

Next up is the Ghost Plasma skin. This skin is part of the Ghost series, one of the most popular skins in the game. This skin stands out for its futuristic design, sleek black and blue armor, and glowing blue eyes. In addition, it also includes a unique ability, Vulture, which allows you to pick up ammo from kills instantly. Likewise, this ability can be a game-changer in intense firefights, ensuring you will never run out of ammunition.

As a result, the Ghost Plasma aspect is a must-have for players who prefer a more modern and technological look.

Seraph Tombstone

The Seraph Tombstone design is another exceptional addition to the game. This skin features a female character dressed in a stylish post-apocalyptic outfit, a skull mask, and a hood. However, this skin is not limited to appearance, as it includes the Annihilator ability, which gives you a high-powered revolver capable of taking down enemies with a single shot.

Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine

Last, we have the Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine skin. This skin is one of the most unique skins in the game, as it features a character dressed as a witch doctor, complete with a skull mask and tribal attire. This skin also includes a unique ability, Medic, which allows you to heal yourself and your teammates faster.

In conclusion, these character skins are some of the best Call of Duty Mobile offers. Not only do they provide aesthetic enhancements, but also unique abilities that can give you an edge in the game. Plus, whether you prefer to stand out with Gunzo, get hip with Ghost Plasma, be aggressive with Seraph Tombstone, or play a supporting role with Witch Doctor – Wrong Medicine, there’s a look for every player. So, suit up, choose your look, and prepare to dominate the battlefield.

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