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World of Warcraft Players Can Now Get an Iconic Mount

Brace yourselves for a high-stakes treasure hunt. World of Warcraft unleashed a surprise with the latest Dragonflight Patch 10.2.6 – the Plunderstorm mode.

This pirate-themed Battle Royale holds a coveted prize that sent ripples of excitement (and frustration) through the community: the Jigglesworth Sr. slime cat mount.

The Return of Jigglesworth Sr.

During the Shadowlands expansion, players earned the fleeting Jigglesworth Sr. mount by completing the “Fates of the Shadowlands Raids” achievement.

However, Dragonflight’s arrival made this slimy feline companion unattainable.

A Chance to Right the Ship

Plunderstorm, a 60-player free-for-all, presents a chance to be the last one standing amidst looting, fighting, and chaos. The Jigglesworth Sr. mount serves as the pirate’s worthy prize.

Players must part with a limited currency, Antique Bronze Bullions, to claim this elusive mount. They can earn these by completing each Dragonflight raid once.

The item’s tooltip states players can acquire 12 Bullions, with four precious doubloons rewarded per raid quest chain.

The Grind That Divides the Crew

While the path seems straightforward, players face a real challenge in the grind required to reach the necessary Renown level and amass enough Bullions.

This has split the community, with PvE fans grumbling about the perceived grind compared to Plunderstorm’s PvP nature.

A Bounty Worth Fighting For?

For PvP enthusiasts, the opportunity to earn the Jigglesworth Sr. mount through Plunderstorm’s intense battles proves too tempting to resist. However, PvE-focused players express disappointment at being forced into a PvP scenario to obtain a long-desired mount. Regardless of one’s stance, the allure of adding the Jigglesworth Sr. slime cat may be too strong to ignore.

Players embrace or begrudgingly approach Plunderstorm‘s chaos, but the hunt for this elusive mount will test even the most experienced adventurers.

So, batten down the hatches, for the high seas of Plunderstorm must be sailed. The Jigglesworth Sr. mount awaits those courageous (or stubborn) enough to reignite the PvP versus PvE conflict.

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