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Why KNEE – the GOD OF TEKKEN, Said Tekken 8 Is Not Fun

The honeymoon has now sped up for Tekken 8, the newest installment in the fighting game franchise. As players become much more involved, opinions are beginning to surface, and one of the most respected Tekken figures has stated his dissatisfaction with the brand new title.

Knee’s Criticism

Bae “DRX Knee” Jae-Min, a three-time Evo champion and Tekken veteran, commented on Tekken 8 on Twitter. In short, he said, “My opinion: Tekken 8 is not fun.” Such a statement from such a respected figure in the Tekken community instantly sparked debate between players and fans.

The Crux of the Issue

Knee says his main complaint with Tekken 8 is its aggressive playstyle and lack of rewards for defensive play. “It was Tekken’s skill to block well, avoid well, patience well,” he added. T8 does not provide any incentives for success – blocking effectively results in a loss of health and skillful movements go unrecognized. Not all characters are suited for aggression. One side has an imbalance between their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Debate Over The Heat System

Another major update in Tekken 8 is the Heat System – which allows players to launch massive attacks at any point in a round. While this mechanic is a fun and unique addition to the game it has also caused a question mark among some players (including Knee) who believe it undermines proper defensive play.

Opinions Divided

Knee’s criticism of Tekken 8 has led to mixed reactions within the community. While some players (including fellow Tekken legend Arslan Ash and Mortal Kombat pro SonicFox) have shared these concerns, others (including top Tekken commentator Rip) have suggested that the complaints are from the viewpoint of older players while newcomers and people from other fighting game cultures are enjoying Tekken 8 as it stands.

Depth vs. Accessibility

Knee hinted in follow-up tweets that Tekken 8 might have been made easier for new players and casual players to learn and play. He added: “I think T8 [is] made to learn quickly. This means something different from knowing [how] to beat your opponent.”

That sentiment ties into a larger discussion in the fighting game community about accessibility versus depth. While some players appreciate more approachable games for new players, others feel this approach could compromise the nuanced gameplay hardcore fans have come to appreciate.

Future of Tekken 8

Even with the initial backlash, Tekken 8 remains somewhat of a prototype; the game is going to likely evolve and improve and patch in the long run. The game creators, Bandai Namco, have a history of listening to community feedback and adapting to concerns.

Additionally, Knee himself acknowledged the potential for growth, “Sorry for the negative opinion as it’s just been released.” That sentiment hints at him being aware of the game’s potential for growth and willing to revisit his assessment as the title matures.


Knee’s criticism of Tekken 8 has started a controversy within the fighting game community. Some players criticize the game’s aggressive playstyle and lack of defensive options, while others welcome the new direction.

But ultimately, Tekken 8 will ultimately hinge on Bandai Namco balancing accessibility with depth to please both newcomers and the hardcore fan base. As the game progresses, we will see the way the developers address those issues and mold this beloved franchise forward.

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