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Valorant Update 8.03: Is Chamber Going to Be Meta Again?

A quick new update is set to roll out soon later this week. Chamber will see an increase in his fire rate for both his Headhunter and his Rendezvous abilities. Chamber was once the most broken agent, so much so that Riot Games had to completely kill off the agent, nerfing almost every one of his abilities. Why did Riot do this? Let’s take a look at Chamber and what he’s achieved in this game so far.

Chamber’s Past and Peak Era

Chamber was intended to play the Sentinel role, but on launch, and after a few months, he completely broke the game by showing properties of both Sentinel and duelists. If you look at today’s Chamber and what he is capable of, you would be shocked to know that he had two teleports and two alarm bots at launch. They had to remove one of each, even nerf the range of both these abilities to balance out Chamber. The teleports at one point allowed you to place anchors at two specific points and teleport between these points while getting your picks. So, in the end, Chamber used to hold angles that no other agent dared to. Because of this, he was one of the agents who consistently got first blood eliminations.

In Pro Play, Chamber was completely dominating the meta. The likes of players, such as YAY and Tenz, single-handedly won matches. YAY even ended up as one of the best players the game has ever seen. Absolutely abusing the Chamber meta. To be honest, it was after the YAY domination that Riot decided to completely nerf this agent and went on to nerf him even more in future months.

How Good Is Chamber Now?

As of now, Chamber isn’t the most picked sentinel from the roster. Players have learned to play other characters like Killjoy and Cypher. Both of these agents have seen massive improvements to their abilities, and either one of them is considered a must-pick for every map. Sentinels and defensive agents are expected to hold a side down completely. Chamber, at the same time, works in a different way. Chamber at launch was a sentinel capable of getting first blood, lurking his way, and showing presence in multiple map locations, making him quite annoying to deal with.

His alarm bots had a massive range, and you could even place two of them when this character was launched. As of now, alarm boards aren’t as effective, and the teleporting mechanics have changed, making him less aggressive. The good news is, in the recent update, 8.3, that is going to be launched probably later this week, Chamber is getting improvements to his fire rates. His Headhunter ability can now be shot faster and the second shot would come much earlier than it does now. The same applies for his Rendezvous ability.  I know this isn’t much in terms of buffs, but from what I see right now, he’s pretty useless in the meta, and small improvements are being given to him but not enough to make him the hero he was at one point in time.


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