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Disney X Epic Games Multiverse Incoming – Announcement Update!

Epic Games is one of the few companies that have always embraced collaborations. Fortnite, one of their biggest games, has consistently featured multiple collaborations in every season. From Dragon Ball Z to Family Guy, Fortnite has showcased collaborations from almost every genre. Epic Games has decided to extend these collaborations from Fortnite into other titles. Disney will now be partnering with Epic Games on multiple titles after a huge announcement that was made a few days ago.

Disney Invests $1.5 Billion in Epic Games

In a recent announcement, Disney has confirmed its decision to invest $1.5 billion and acquire equity stakes in Epic Games. Disney has an ongoing universe it has created itself, and this investment aligns well with the company’s strategy. The Unreal Engine is dominating the core of gaming development these days. Disney clearly wanted to be ahead of the game and invest early in this trend. Despite announcing collaborations in all new titles, it’s evident that the focus is on integrating Disney into Fortnite.

This tie-up did not surprise many, as companies like Netflix were also investing heavily in gaming. It was always rumored that Disney was looking for an equally strong partner, and Epic Games was at the top of their list. As of now, Fortnite remains the most played game, with records being broken for every live event. Disney wants to capitalize on that and ensure that their universe is a part of the Fortnite revolution.

In the very near future, we can expect many announcements of Disney series collaborations in Fortnite. It won’t take too much time for Fortnite to integrate Disney characters into its game and make changes to the map. Epic Games is known for rolling out quick updates to Fortnite. With the integration of Unreal Engine 2, the content should roll out really quickly.

Disney’s Own Virtual Reality Space Coming Soon?

For years, there have been many write-ups regarding Disney investing in a virtual reality project. This investment in Epic Games allows for creating such opportunities, and Disney has even stated that they are looking forward to creating a universe in Fortnite where users will be able to interact in new ways. Engaging with characters and even shopping for Disney merchandise is one of the many new features that they are looking to add to its new universe.

Besides this, suggestions include creating unique live events for the launch of Disney movies. Already well-known streamers like Ninja and SypherPK have invested a good amount of money to create their own custom maps. Disney, being the business monster it is, will take that to a whole new level. The budget is unlimited as long as Epic Games is ready with the tech.

Personally, I’m taking a wild guess that Nizhny is going to introduce an RPG survival game first in Fortnite. The Lego survival mode created a buzz and opened the way to possibilities for survival-based games in Fortnite. Lego was based on random characters with no backstories. The developers emphasized on building whatever you want on the island with their building blocks. With the infinite backstories of Disney characters, the lore for any mode can run deep and keep the game alive for years.


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