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What’s The NEW Elden Ring: Shadow of the ErdTree All About?

Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm when it was released in early 2022, garnering critical acclaim and record sales. Now, fans are eagerly anticipating the game’s first major expansion – Shadow of the Erdtree. Though details remain scarce, recent Steam updates hint that the DLC could launch quite soon. 

So what can players expect from Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? Let’s break down everything we know so far about this hotly-anticipated expansion.

Shadow of the Erdtree Release Date & Trailer

Though FromSoftware has not officially announced a release date, Shadow of the Erdtree was recently spotted on Steam as being in “quality assessment,” suggesting it’s in the final testing stages. This lines up with speculation of a February 2024 release, coinciding with Elden Ring’s 2-year anniversary. 

Fans are hoping FromSoftware will commemorate the occasion by finally dropping a reveal trailer, giving the first look at DLC footage, story beats, and new gameplay mechanics. Until then, hollows continue to pore over every slightest backend update for clues.  

Length & Scope

FromSoft is renowned for generous DLC – just look to Dark Souls and Bloodborne expansions. If Shadow of the Erdtree follows suit, players could be exploring the Lands Between for another 15-20 hours. Leaks suggest the DLC adds an entirely new area along with new boss fights.

The add-on is likely self-contained while further expanding Elden Ring’s lore and backstories. Don’t expect sweeping changes to core mechanics or systems. However, fans speculate that FromSoft may introduce limited new traversal options to fit the DLC area. 

Potential Story Directions

Elden Ring leaves several intriguing loose ends, providing fertile ground for DLC narratives. Many theorize the expansion will spotlight Melina, the mysterious maiden bound to guide the player. Her deeper motives and origins remain clouded but essential to the game’s mythos.

Alternatively, the DLC may pick up Princess Miquella’s tragic tale. His eternal childhood stasis in Mohg’s palace ends abruptly, leaving events shrouded. What finally rouses Miquella from slumber to enact vengeance against the demigods?  

Elsewhere, options include time travel to glimpsing far-future fates of the Lands Between. FromSoft has explored both themes through gameplay before, so fans are curious if they manifest more literally here.

New and Old Faces

While fresh faces seem probable for new DLC areas, Shadow of the Erdtree likely revisits old ones too. Fan favorites like Millicent or Ranni could make encore appearances that enrich backstories. 

Similarly, adversaries like Morgott or Godfrey may resurface in captivating new forms. Recall FromSoft’s penchant for tragic second acts regarding characters like Solaire or Eileen from previous titles. 

Veteran theory crafters even speculate burnt-out Melina could ultimately stand as the DLC’s climactic confrontation.

New Gameplay Mechanics 

Don’t expect sweeping gameplay revisions midway through Elden Ring’s lifecycle. However, FromSoft loves baking bespoke mechanics into DLC suited to new areas that force players to reexamine tactics. 

For instance, one of Dark Souls 3’s add-ons introduced spell-casting angels that required manipulating environmental conditions to combat. Bloodborne’s final expansion stretched combat verticality demanding mastery of multi-level arenas.

We may see limited new movement options flashier than Torrent but tailored to specific Shadow of the Erdtree zones. A fan favorite idea involves free-climbing ruined structures Bloodborne-style. FromSoftware will surely have infectious fresh ideas to throw Hollows’ rhythms off-balance.

New Weapons, Armor, & Build Variety 

A major part of the joy in FromSoftware DLC comes from new gear that spices up gameplay. Expect Shadow of the Erdtree to introduce around 5 deadly armaments like the iconic Friede’s Scythe or Whirligig Saw. These weapons frequently bring unique skills tailored for DLC situations.

Coupled with new ashes of war or spells, these can enable builds not viable previously. For example, Dark Souls 3’s second DLC unlocked beloved cold-focused builds by introducing strong frost-related skills. This philosophy gives veteran fans new reasons to keep experimenting with different playstyles.

From Elden Ring concept art, we know at least one new weapon class was originally slated: enormous wrist-mounted saws. So steel yourselves for brand new ways to rend foes near release!

The Waiting Continues…For Now

As hollows well know, the path of playing FromSoftware games means accepting long waits occasionally. While Shadow of the Erdtree seems closer than ever, concrete details remain scarce for now. Thankfully, revisiting past soulsborne expansion reveals the quality likely justifying this anticipation.

In any case, the stirring recent developments suggest we won’t stay in the dark much longer. The flames in Farum Azula seem to be rekindling activity at FromSoftware. Stay tuned here for all the latest tidings from the foggy rumor mill of the Lands Between!

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