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The best microphones for streamers

Content is king in the rapidly expanding universe of live streaming, but quality is the queen that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re a gamer sharing your skills, a musician showcasing your talent, or a podcaster discussing the latest trends, the quality of your audio can make or break your streaming success.

A top-notch microphone is one of the most important aspects of achieving quality streaming. Clear, sharp sound from a well-miked performance draws in listeners and encourages them to return for more. In this article, we’ll go over three of the best microphones for those looking to better the audio quality of their streams.

The best microphones for streamers

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone

First on our list is the Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone, a high-quality professional microphone designed specifically for podcasters and streamers. This microphone offers XLR and USB outputs, allowing you to connect it to various devices.

The Shure MV7 features voice isolation technology, ensuring your voice is heard clearly, even in noisy environments. It also has an auto-level mode that adjusts the volume of your voice to maintain a constant output, regardless of how far away you are from the microphone.

With a price of about €290, the Shure MV7 may seem a bit expensive for beginners. However, its exceptional performance and durability make it a cost-effective investment that can significantly enhance your streaming experience.

Elgato Wave:3

Next is the Elgato Wave:3, a condenser microphone offering superior sound quality. With its patented Clipguard technology, the Wave:3 automatically manages loud sound sources to avoid distortion, ensuring that your audio always sounds clean and professional.

The Elgato Wave:3 also features a multi-function dial that easily adjusts microphone gain, headphone volume, and crossfade between the microphone and PC audio. At around €160, the Elgato Wave:3 offers excellent value for money. It’s a great option for those new to streaming because of its straightforward setup and user-friendly interface.

Audio-Technica AT2020

Last but not least, the Audio-Technica AT2020 is a versatile microphone that offers exceptional clarity and detail. Its low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency and superior transient response, making it ideal for various streaming applications.

The AT2020 also features a custom-designed low-mass diaphragm that provides extended frequency and superior transient response for a smoother, more natural sound quality.

Priced at around €130, the Audio-Technica AT2020 is the most affordable option on our list. Despite its plus price, it offers performance and features that rival those of many higher-priced models, making it an excellent choice for those on a tight budget.

In the streaming world, good sound can make all the difference. The Shure MV7, Elgato Wave:3, and Audio-Technica AT2020 are excellent microphones that can help you deliver high-quality audio to your audience. Although they vary in price and features, each microphone offers exceptional performance that can enhance your streaming experience. So choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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