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The most hated LoL champions by players – Part 2

In the acclaimed online multiplayer game LoL, there are champions that players love to play with and others that they dread to face. In this article, we’ll delve into the latter category and talk about some of the most hated champions in the game.


First on the list is Yasuo, the Unforgivable. Yasuo is a skilled swordsman with a complex backstory, a high-risk, high-reward champion. His kit is packed with flashy moves and great overpower potential, making him a favorite of those who like a challenge. However, Yasuo’s Wind Wall, which can block all enemy projectiles, and his high mobility make him a nightmare to play against. His ability to turn the tide of a battle with a well-placed ultimate ability (Last Breath) can be frustrating, especially when you’re receiving it.


Next up, we have Teemo, the Swift Scout. Known for his iconic phrase, “Captain Teemo on duty!” this champion is as endearing as he is annoying. Teemo’s kit revolves around stealth, speed, and poison. His noxious traps (mushrooms) can be placed anywhere on the map, dealing damage and slowing enemies who step on them. The frustration comes from these traps being invisible until you are too close. Many players have met their end in a well-placed Teemo mushroom, making him one of the most hated champions in the game.


While not as popular, K’Sante, the Shadow of War, has earned his place on this list. K’Sante is a melee assassin with a unique mechanic: his abilities get stronger as he loses his health. This means that even when on the verge of death, K’Sante is still a major threat. His ultimate ability, Death’s Embrace, can turn a losing fight into a winning one, making him a champion players love to hate.


The Revered Inventor Heimerdinger is another champion players fear to face. Known for his turrets, Heimerdinger can turn any area into a death trap. His ability to zone enemies and control targets with his turrets is unparalleled. The frustration of playing against Heimerdinger comes from his ability to defend himself even when he is not there. His turrets keep firing even when he’s not there, making it difficult to fight him.

Master Yi

Lastly, we have Master Yi, Wuju’s swordsman. Known for his high damage output and speed, Master Yi is a champion who can carry solo matches. Alpha Strike’s ability makes him untargetable and allows him to deal a lot of damage. However, his ultimate ability, Highlander, makes him a nightmare to play against. Highlander grants Master Yi increased movement and attack speed, making him nearly impossible to escape from or catch. This, combined with his high damage, makes him one of the most hated champions in LoL.

In conclusion, even though these champions are hated, it is important to remember that each champion has strengths and weaknesses. Understanding them can turn a frustrating match into a victorious one. So whether you’re facing Yasuo, Teemo, K’Sante, Heimerdinger, or Master Yi, remember to stay calm and play smart. After all, it’s just a game.

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