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Robin Van Persie Icon Card: Completing EA FC 24’s Golazo Objectives

It’s been a while since EA FC dropped a new objectives player that was of any value. Finally, we have a player that could go straight into the main squad. Among many other players, Robin Van Persie’s ST/CF Icon card is this week’s objective. Completing the challenges requires several hours of gameplay, but the rewards are generous after each one. To complete this objective, players have to feature multiple Netherlands players. Mixing and matching the right kind of players on a budget might be challenging, but there are players and game modes to make the grind easier.

Easy Objectives in EA FC

Emerging Talent: To complete the Emerging Talent challenge, players have to score a Powershot (R1+L1+O) in four separate matches. Completing the challenge gives players two rare gold packs, which are guaranteed to be 81-rated or above. Luckily for this initial challenge, there is no international player requirement, hence switch the difficulty to semi-pro mode and complete the objective via Squad Battles.

Legendary Strikers: To complete the Legendary Strikers objective, players have to score 5 goals with Volley finishes A volley goal is when the ball is struck directly before it touches the ground, often from a winger’s cross.Make sure to abuse the L1 chip feature and the L2 flare shot combination to complete this objective with ease. Players get the same rewards as they did in the previous objective, which is two packs of 81-rated players.

Golden Boot: The Golden Boot objective requires six goals using an R1 finesse shot from a player who is from the Premier League. Cody Gakpo would be one of the best options to complete this challenge. Make sure to shoot using the finesse feature to complete this objective. The rewards for the objectives from here get better with a 2* 84+ rated gold player pack. Players also get 500 XP, which counts towards their season progress.


International + Premier League Objectives

The remaining three EA FC objectives require teams that feature Netherlands and Premier League players. To complete this set of challenges in one go, it’s better to feature three players who are both in the Netherlands national team as well as the Premier League. The best choices for this would be to feature Cody Gakpo, Virgil Van Dijk, and Nathan Ake in the main team. The three remaining objectives are Winner’s Mentality, English Champion, and the Flying Dutchman objective.

The Winner’s Mentality objective requires teams to win six matches with a minimum of three Netherlands team players in their team. The English Champion objective in EA FC  needs three players from the Premier League to start in it. The last remaining objective, “Flying Dutchman,” is a simple one which requires players to score a header goal.

Upon completing the objective challenges, players unlock an 89 overall Robin Van Persie card. Playes can further boost stats through evolutions. With this card being an icon card, attaining 3 chemistry points is pretty easy.As an icon card, Robin Van Persie fit in well with many other icons currently in the player pool. If players plan their grind in the right way, it could ideally take around 2 to 2.5 hours to complete this whole objective. This objective card has received high ratings on FUTBIN, a rare rating compared to previous releases.




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