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Did the Messi Glitch Ruin EA FC 24?

For those unfamiliar with what happened this past week, a 97-rated Messi TOTY card was being given out to multiple players because of a recent glitch. We’ll talk more about the glitch and how it has affected the marketplace.

Glitched 86+ TOTY Player Pick

In the early hours of last week, an SBC was rolled out to complete, titled “86+ TOTY Leagues SBC.” For around 20 minutes since the launch of this SBC, 97-rated Messi cards were being given out in plenty. As per EA comments, around 0.7% of the total EA FC players were able to unlock Messi and now own the card. And by the looks of it, players who were able to unlock Messi get to keep his card. 

Has this crashed the market?

Since this glitch, Messi TOTY is available in the market for 10 million coins. Though EA says that the Messi glitch hasn’t impacted the market, 0.7% is a significant number considering the fact that almost every EA FC user has an FUT team. Also, the SBC release time is often when the high elo and regular grinders log in to make use of the cards they get ASAP. Taking both these points into consideration, it is obvious that the “0.7” figure doesn’t really paint the whole picture.

Players have already stated that they are seeing too many TOTY Messi cards in the opponents’ lineup. To get access to such a powerful card early in the season gives players a major upper hand, and I’m not too sure if EA is going to do anything about it.

The glitch was so bad that many players have seen duplicates of the card after attempting to complete the SBC multiple times. Players who had the tradeable version of Messi had the option of listing him and cashing in on 10 million coins. Personally, getting an extra 10 million coins because of a glitch is the ultimate Christmas gift that came in late.

EA, as of now, has no intention of card rollbacks. Every player who got the Messi card gets to keep the card and can proceed with building their teams around  this 97-beast of a TOTY card. Twitter has been buzzing ever since, with the remaining players calling out EA to compensate everyone else with something equally as beneficial.

There have been several claims that players are regularly encountering a TOTY Messi team. The only workaround for this is to balance it out with an easy yet overpowered Objectives player. Granit Xhaka, with an overall rating of 90, was already featured in the previous weeks, and EA would have to feature a higher and more usable card for everyone willing to put in the grind.

Last year, EA was very generous with regards to compensation packs. Every alternate week, there was some kind of pack error, and EA was quick to reward players with the appropriate compensations. This year’s major goof-up by EA would cost them heavily and could even kill FUT for the rest of the season. Rewarding every player with a 97 Messi is definitely not the answer, but a way for players to keep up with the glitch-boosted teams has to be figured out.


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